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Operating principles

Cookies policy

We have updated our cookies policy on 24 March 2021. On this page, we will explain how Yle uses cookies and other similar technologies to process information about the use of Yle’s services.  For more information on the processing of personal data in general, see our privacy statement for Yle's services.

Cookies and other device identifiers

Yle uses cookies and other technologies for visitor traffic statistics as well as for enabling and facilitating the use of Yle’s digital services. A cookie is a small text file sent to a customer’s browser that usually contains an identification number, and it does not damage the terminal device. Cookies and similar technologies are used to collect information about the use of Yle’s content, such as which Yle pages the user has browsed. We also collect technical device information on issues such as browser, operating system and IP address. Some cookies are cookies from third parties. 

The user cannot be identified through cookies only. If the user has created an Yle ID, we can supplement the information related to the use of the services with the Yle ID information. The information is not used for purposes other than those described later on this page.

Purposes for which the data are used

Strictly necessary functionality cookies

We use cookies to realise the basic functionalities of the services. These functionalities include logging in, starting videos, and remembering user-specific settings. Some of the strictly necessary cookies are used to measure the use of Yle services both internally and nationally.  The use of Yle contents is measured by external independent research organisations. Research on the use of content is carried out by Finnpanel and FIAM (The Finnish Internet Audience Measurement). 

Personalisation and recommendation cookies

We use cookies and other similar technologies to help Yle service users find content that we believe is of interest to them. Cookies and similar technologies also allow us to personalise the user experience on our site.

Cookies to improve our services

We develop our services every day. Cookies help us understand how our site’s services are used and what the users want to do. Cookies and similar technologies allow us to make Yle’s services better. For example, we may test which option in the user interface or image best serves the customer. 

Yle customers have the opportunity to subscribe to newsletters. Newsletters are developed by measuring, for example, the interest of their content using cookie and device identifiers. 

Cookies for social media embedding

Yle’s websites and services provide links and connections to third-party websites. The third-party hosted plugins on the Yle sites are downloaded from the servers of these parties.

Through the social plugin, information about the user’s visit to the page is stored for the social media service provider. In some social media plugins, information about an individual user is only disclosed when the user is active, for example by sharing an article through a social media plugin.

Third party services or third-party applications on Yle’s websites and services shall be subject to the terms and conditions of use of that third party. In such cases, these social media service providers process the data as data controllers and, where applicable, as joint data controllers with Yle. Yle does not collect cookie information through social media plugins. 

Customer’s chance to influence

Cookie information is stored and collected on the basis of the consent given by the users of the service. The users give their consent through the pop-up window in use in the Yle browser services. They can change their consent at any time by going to the top bar of the Yle services, selecting “Menu” and “Cookie Settings” below.

Consent to the use of cookies is requested from all users who have accepted cookies every six months. If users have accepted only the strictly necessary cookies or some of the cookies that require their consent, we ask their permission to use the cookies every three months. If Yle’s cookie classification changes (for example, a completely new purpose category will be introduced), we will ask all users for the permissions again. 

As regards newsletters, the customer agrees that we store and collect cookie information in connection with the subscription of the newsletter. The user can unsubscribe to the letter at any time (, in which case the storing and collection of cookie information will also stop. 

Cookies and identifiers used by Yle

Strictly necessary functionality cookies

Personalisation and recommendation cookies

Cookies to improve our services

Cookies for social media embedding