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Yle's year 2019

Our value to audiences in 2019

In 2019, Yle met all of the long-term customer objectives.

Yle's long run customer goals 2019

  1. We reach all the Finns (during the week - goal 95 %) Result: 96 %
  2. Yle's relevance in own media use (goal 7,2/10) Result: 7,4
  3. Yle's importance in Finnish society (goal 8/10) Result: 8,3

Key figures

84% of people in Finland find Yle’s contents and services interesting

87% of people in Finland trust Yle's news service

54% consider Yle to be the number one news provider in Finland

67% of people in Finland find Yle to be very reliable or fairly reliable
17 per cent find it very reliable

74% of people in Finland feel that they get very good value or fairly good value for their Yle tax payment

a score of 4.63 for our public service performance
on a scale of 1–5)

a score of 4.49 from the Swedish-speaking audience for Svenska Yle’s public service performance
on a scale of 1–5

a score of 3.72 for reliability
on a scale of 1–5

Reliable information and Finnish contents are deemed important

Providing reliable information and Finnish contents in one’s native language are among the Yle’s tasks Finnish audiences consider particularly important. The audiences also value convenient access to Yle’s contents and services. The audiences also found the following offering by Yle to be important:

  • services to special groups;

  • high-quality children’s programming and services for children;

  • helps to increase understanding of the changes taking place in Finland and elsewhere in the world;

  • brings a variety of perspectives, world views and ideologies to audiences;

  • helps to learn information and skills that are important in modern times and increases one’s general knowledge;

  • meaningful media content and media services to people of different ages.

The majority of people in Finland consider Yle to be responsible and fairly transparent, at a minimum. The respondents would like to receive more information for example on the way the Yle tax is used, the company’s overall operations and the content choices.

How well did Yle succeed in its public service in 2018 and 2019

93 percent of the Finnish people think that Yle successfully carried out its public service mission in 2019.

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