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Yle's year 2019

Personnel key figures in 2019

2,847 permanent employees
at the end of the year (2,811)

49 years
average age of the permanent employees (48)

3,304 person-years
in total in all employment relationships (3,309)

permanent employment relationships in total (2,811)

146 new permanent employment relationships
began during the year (162)

77% of the new employees
were hired to positions directly related to contents (69)

146 permanent employment relationships ended
during the year (137), of which 59 were due to retirement (77)

4,319 different people
worked for us on a freelance basis during the year (5,005)

47 accidents at work
during the year (86)

24,359 days
of sick leave (22,527)

7.5 days/person
the number of sick leave days proportioned to the number of personnel (7.34)

5.3 days
the average duration of sick leave (11.9)

50% share of women
in Yle’s permanent employees (50)

The average salary of women 99.9%
of the average salary of men in the collective labour agreement area of employees in programme production, which accounts for two thirds of Yle employees (99.7%)

The average salary of women 97.7%
of the average salary of men in the entire Yle (98.0)

98% of the permanent employees
are covered by a collective labour agreement (99). The company’s management is not included in the scope of the collective labour agreements.

(2018 in parentheses)

Rewards programme in Yle

Rewards are directed by guidelines approved by the Yle Board of Directors as well as the State’s ownership steering policies.

In Yle, rewards are based on transparency, moderation and results.

In 2019, Yle paid a total of 2,373,283 euros in bonuses and incentives, amounting to 1.3% of the total sum of wages.

In 2019, Yle paid bonuses for meeting objectives set in 2018 as follows

  • management group 155,326 euros

  • other personnel within the bonus system 1,188,398 euros.

In 2019, Yle paid a total of 1,029,558 euros in incentives.

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