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Yle's year 2019

Top contents on different media in 2019

Every week, we reach 96% of people in Finland through television, radio and the Internet, with the daily percentage being 78. The contents and services of Swedish-speaking Svenska Yle reach a total of 93% weekly of the Swedish-speaking people and 70% daily.

The Finnish audiences find Yle TV1 to be the most interesting service provided by Yle. The under 45 age group finds Yle Areena online streaming service the most interesting.

Yle TV1 maintained its position as Finland’s most viewed TV channel

The reach of television declined slightly from the previous year, especially in the under 45 age group.

  • We reached 77% of people in Finland weekly via television, and the corresponding daily percentage was 51.

  • We broadcast approximately 18,900 hours of programming on television, including 7,600 hours of completely new programming.

  • Finnish productions accounted for 53% of the programming, while the share of programmes of European origin was 90%.

  • On Yle Fem, we broadcast approximately 2,600 hours of programmes.

Our most viewed programmes on television included the Presidential Independence Day Reception on 6 December 2019 and the first episode of the Koivisto series about the Finnish politician and president Mauno Koivisto.

Sisältökokonaisuuksien osuudet television kaikista ohjelmatunneista 2019, yht. 18 923 tuntia

  1. 29% Asia
  2. 26% Draama
  3. 15% Valtakunnalliset uutiset ja ajankohtaiset
  4. 11% Kulttuuri ja viihde
  5. 10% Urheilu
  6. 7% Lapset ja nuoret
  7. 2% Alueelliset uutiset ja ajankohtaiset

Yle Radio Suomi is the most popular radio channel in Finland

The reach of radio decreased slightly from the previous year.

  • Our radio channels reached 51% of people in Finland every week and 34% every day.

  • Of the Swedish-speaking population, our weekly reach among those over 9 years of age was 92%, and the daily reach was 73%.

  • We broadcast a total of 47,500 hours of programmes on the radio.

  • The share of music in the national programming was 48%.

  • The share of Finnish programmes in our radio programming was 99%.

Our most popular programmes on the radio were Yle Radio 1’s Muistojen bulevardi, Yle Radio Suomi’s Tarja Närhin Iskelmäradio, YleX Aamu and Yle Puhe’s Jari Sarasvuo, Miki Liukkosen maailma and Vammaiskultti.

Share of content units of total hours of radio programming in 2019, tot. 47 485 hours

  1. 53% Culture and Entertainment
  2. 19% National News and Current Affairs
  3. 19% Factuak
  4. 5% Regional News and Current Affairs
  5. 3% Sport
  6. 1% Drama
  7. 0% Children and Youth

The accessing of Yle Areena’s online streaming programming increased by 100 million, Paw Patrol the most popular

  • Video or audio recordings or live radio and TV broadcasts on Yle Areena were accessed 620 million times, an average of nearly 1.7 million times every day. This showed an increase of nearly 100 million.

  • Yle Areena reached 53% of people in Finland every week and 36% day.

The most popular programmes on Yle Areena were Paw Patrol, Karppi and Sorjonen.

Investigative journalism reports and various competitions popular online

  • An average of 3,740,000 people visited Yle’s online and mobile services monthly. This totals more than 1,055 million visits per year.

  • Our online services reached 65% of people over 15 years of age in Finland every week.

Our most popular online contents included quizzes about wildflowers and European countries, as well as online articles about online friendships and child welfare.

Reach of Yle's media in 2017–2019, % 15–44 population

In three years Yle reached less Finnish people via television and the same amount of the population via radio. Via web and mobile services Yle reached more Finnish people than before.

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