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Yle's year 2019

Working culture and competence development in 2019

We continued our determined measures to develop the working culture during the year.

Yle defined the cornerstones of its working culture: courage, creativity, working together, appreciation, and meaningfulness of work.

In addition, we established an internal network of working culture hackers, which supports the development of working culture in the work communities.

Yle employees are part of a larger whole. During the year, we created a shared puzzle in which each employee could customise their own piece. The puzzles completed by different teams were combined into a comprehensive work. The art work located in Pasila campus reminds us the power of working together and the importance of work.

Competence development

During the year, approximately 300 Yle employees participated in discussions to identify important future competences in terms of their own work. Based on the discussions, the working communities prepared a competence development plan.

The Journalistic Academy supported the training of journalists by offering courses for example in information search, new forms of narrative as well as interaction between people and journalists.
We published a new e-learning environment that offers new online courses on journalism and other learning contents for all Yle employees. We initiated job rotation of investigative journalism in specialised editorial offices.

The Finnish-language News and Current Affairs editorial office in Pasila implemented the BBC’s 50:50 model, which aims for a more balanced gender representation in contents. At the beginning of 2019, the model was also implemented in parts of the Swedish-language Svenska Yle. This improved the gender distribution balance in Yle’s News and Current Affairs contents.

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