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Q & A

Kysymykset ja vastaukset
Kysymykset ja vastaukset Picture by: Yle Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2020

Here are some questions that we get often and the answers to them.

If you can't find the answer to your question in the Q&A or in the competition rules, please, email us. Please note that our response time is longer than usual due to summer holidays. Please note that our office is closed in July.

When must the final version of the song be ready?
It’s always best to have your song as ready as possible when you send it. You may make changes to the arrangements if the song is selected to the competition. The schedule for small arrangement changes will be informed to selected contestants.

Is it possible to use singers in the backing tracks?
According to the new EBU rule, backing vocals can be performed either live or from backing tracks. Live backing vocals are determined by Yle.

If the song doesn’t go through in the competition, when can it be released?
Yle will announce to the selected competition contestants in the beginning of October. If the song doesn’t qualify, it can be released in October

Is it enough if one of the performers is Finnish?
At least one songwriter and one lead singer must have a Finnish citizenship or a permanent residence in Finland.

Is it possible to enter the competition with a song that has been played a few times before or has been online?
If the song has been played a few times on a gig, it is ok to attend. Also if the song has been published online for a limited time and has been taken off online, it is possible to attend.