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Yle’s strategy

For all of us, for each of us

6 min read | published 19.5.2020

Traditional media has reached a pivotal point. The traditional cornerstones of public service media alone are no longer sufficient, because the availability of information, education and entertainment is infinite. The quantity of media services has increased exponentially, and people’s values, lifestyles and culture continue to fragment further.

To maintain its relevance, the media must be capable of reinventing itself quickly and with determination. The pressure to renew itself is also an enormous opportunity for Yleisradio. More methods and opportunities are available to the media to provide added value for people and society than ever.

The pace of change continues to accelerate. International technology giants are increasingly expanding their presence.

Yleisradio will celebrate its centenary in 2026. This strategy will ensure that Yleisradio can provide services that best serve audiences and society. This is in the best interests of a healthy democratic society.

Yle’s purpose

We increase our understanding of each other and the world, and strengthen Finnish society and culture.

Yle’s values

We are reliable and responsible – we carry out our mission independently. We encourage creativity – we have courage to give room for new ideas. We value the individual – together we can accomplish something better.

Yle’s direction

Towards the next hundred years of public service media: the renewal of Yleisradio is shared by all and unique for everyone – for the best interests of Finnish society.

Yle’s far-reaching themes – the most important prerequisites of success in terms of our mission

Purpose sets Yle apart. The mission of public service is to serve everyone. Yle is available to all, but each individual experiences it differently.

For Yle to carry out its mission and perform well in the future, it must succeed in two important areas.

Yle creates value for people and society

As a public service medium, Yleisradio is part and a manifestation of democracy, and a state governed by the rule of law. Yle always defends western democracy, the basic principles of a state governed by the rule of law, freedom of speech and human dignity.

Yle helps people feel that they are part of the society around them. Yle is present in the whole of Finland, and Yle’s activities are available to everyone without extra charge.

Yle’s archives are the memory of the nation. In our content, we open up views into the future, help build the Finland of the future and build faith in the future.

Yle also plays a special role in maintaining a general sense of security as a provider of reliable information. This role is highlighted when there are disturbances or exceptional circumstances in society.

Our services to special groups are unique.

Through cooperation, we also create value for the creative and media sectors, as well as for an extensive network of partners.

We measure our success in several ways – not just through the number of viewers and listeners – to assess the impact of our operations.

Only a trustworthy Yle can fulfil its mission and be a provider of services for the entire nation

Yle must be worthy of the trust of people with different lifestyles and ways of thinking. Only thus can Yle fulfil its mission and be a provider of services for the entire nation.

Trust is a personal experience – a feeling that stems from honesty, presence and the sense of being heard. Yle increases dialogue with audiences and its coverage of the ideas and lives of different kinds of people. Finland is more diverse than it was, and so is Yle.

Yle refrains from taking sides in its journalism.

To succeed, we will focus on the following ten items in the coming years.

They are a combination of Yle’s traditional strengths and renewal measures.

1. We emphasise digital publishing more and also develop our traditional channels.

The importance of digital services in the use of the media is increasing.

Yle invests in both the high-quality streaming service Yle Areena and a journalism and event platform that responds quickly, and is based on the need to stay abreast of events and gain shared experiences.

Yle assesses the quantity and scope of its TV and radio channels as the use of the media and the operating environment change. Nevertheless, TV and radio channels remain important among the mature adult population, especially in the coming years.

As we move towards a digital production and publishing environment, we ensure that we continue to serve all people in Finland during and after the transition. Among other things, this transition means that we increasingly make content available in Yle Areena and our mobile services.

As a rule, Yle publishes its content on its own platforms. Third-party platforms can be used with discretion if they enable us to reach audiences that we cannot reach through Yle’s platforms.

2. We strengthen our relationship with children and the young.

Yle must serve audiences of all ages. This requires that we have a profound understanding of the use of the media by audiences of different ages and their lives.

Media companies increasingly and fiercely compete for young audiences and children. Yle’s traditional assets – commercial-free programming, safety and the national languages – no longer support Yle as they used to. We must apply these strengths to ensure that the environment in which future generations are raised is not limited to the programming provided by global media giants, although this alone is no longer enough.

We make room for new content creators and the voices and ideas of young people, and renew our programming for young people.

Yle maintains its position as the most loved service for children by offering world-class quality programming, pedagogical applications and memorable encounters.


What we maintain and look after and what we develop

3. We know and reach every audience in Finland.

We want to continue to reach every audience. We engage in a dialogue with audiences to understand what they expect of us, and what they think about us.

4. We ensure the reliability of our content and services.

We uncompromisingly foster reliability and independence in journalism, culture, education and all our other operations. We develop audio and visual expression for the new decade, and produce the best content and services in the media sector.

5. We display an increasingly diverse image of Finland and the world.

We increasingly focus on highlighting people with different lifestyles and ways of thinking, as well as their stories, from all over Finland and the world. We bring the world closer by going where first hand information can be obtained. We increase mutual understanding between people and give a voice to those who are otherwise invisible in public.

With a lot of co-operation abroad, Yle’s ways of working go beyond national borders. Moreover, our internationally acclaimed content and services make Finland known abroad.

6. We bring memorable shared moments to audiences.

We make memorable shared moments even more impressive. We also aim to bring major sporting events, celebrations and important events to the audiences in the future.

7. We provide diverse services to special groups.

Yle takes care of services to special groups and makes it possible for special groups to also participate in making Yle content and services. Special services are part of the diversity of Yle’s programming. For example, Yle can use technology to improve the accessibility of content and services.


We innovate and reform the media

8. We are pioneers in the digital development of the media.

We design digital content and services in new ways. We increase our knowledge of the devices and situations for which each content is designed. We build personal user experiences that are as straightforward as possible. We develop and pilot next-generation media innovations. We want to be among the pioneers in the application of new technology.

9. We grow our presence and visibility among our audience.

We create new ways to increase our understanding of our audiences by being present and interacting with them, both in person and digitally. The media is already more than just traditional content – events are highlighted in Yle’s operations. Live broadcasting is increasingly important.

10. We create new kinds of partnership that benefit everyone.

Partnerships with companies or other players in society such as organisations and educational institutes will become increasingly important. Partnerships are carried out in a way that benefits all parties involved.

We seek new forms of cooperation in events, sports broadcasting rights and media education, for example. We make purchases from Finnish production companies and other players, and seek new forms of cooperation with the commercial media in accordance with the proposals of the parliamentary working group (2016) and the Act on Yleisradio Oy.