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A summer like no other: Has Finland entered a post-Covid era?

This week's episode of All Points North examines how summer could play out as the coronavirus epidemic subsides.

Business lobby: 90% of foreign entrepreneurs in Finland in trouble

This week our podcast explores how the pandemic is disproportionately affecting people of foreign background in Finland.

"I'm free": Finland adapts to the less-distanced life

This week our All Points North podcast looks at social distancing fatigue in Finland as the weather warms.

Finland ponders EU's coronavirus rescue proposal

As the EU announces a move to boost virus-damaged economies, All Points North asks how Finland will respond.

Finland gets some relief from restrictions, but what lies ahead?

Finland will soon ease many restrictions on business, social life and sporting activity. APN looks at what it all means.

Now what? Schools, daycare centres reopen in Finland

This week our podcast probes the decision to reopen some schools.

Finland cancels summer: Holidaying amid coronavirus

Our All Points North podcast examines pandemic staycations and travel in the age of contagion.

Masks, Marin and the mass cottage exodus

Should we all wear face masks or not? APN reviews mixed messaging over the use and availability of masks and more.

Coronavirus casualties: From self-employed to unemployed

The All Points North podcast looks at the difficulties sole traders are facing and steps they can take to ride out the coronavirus crisis.

"My social life is 100% gone": Sheltering from coronavirus in Finland

This week our podcast examines Finland's new normal as the virus seals borders and changes life as we know it.

Get well or get paid? Gig workers' tough coronavirus choices

Activists worry that telecommuting will boost demand for food deliveries, likely exposing workers to the risk of infection.

What's it like being an Erasmus exchange student in Finland?

Coming to chilly Finland to study may seem daunting but great things can happen when you get out of your comfort zone.

What you need to know about Finland's child welfare system

False child welfare reports can cause many to question why social workers do not investigate and dismiss them.

Can "Dry January" help quench Finland's thirst for alcohol?

Alcohol-related problems cost Finland 1.6 billion euros annually; state booze monopoly Alko rings up sales of 1.2 billion.

Time out: What happened to Finland's education miracle?

This week our APN podcast asks if Finland still has the best schools in the world in light of the latest Pisa results.

APN Christmas special: How Santa became Finnish

All Points North went to Lapland to find out how one man helped make Santa Claus one of Finland's biggest brands.

Is investing really only for the rich?

Investing can be challenging and the earlier you start the better, says private investor Merja Mähkä.

APN new Prime Minister special

Yle News’ All Points North podcast asks if Sanna Marin will break Finland’s curse of short-lived woman-led governments.

APN this week: "If you can save you should invest", says investment evangelist

If you manage to put money aside, expect inflation to deplete your savings over time, says investor Merja Mähkä.

APN this week: "85% of jobs not advertised", says NGO tackling Finland's workplace diversity problem

The startup festival Slush is a good place to start promoting diversity in the workforce, according to one non-profit.

APN this week: Why are Finland suddenly good at football?

This week Teemu Pukki promised Finland are on their way to the European Championships.

APN this week: How's Antti Rinne's government doing?

Slashing red tape on work-based residence permits would be at least one easy win, says an Yle political journalist.

APN this week: Is it time for Finland to bring in a flight tax?

This week we’re asking if Finland needs to start taxing flights to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

APN #65: Who do you call when you suspect biased hiring practices?

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman wants the right to help people who suspect bias in employment, but reform is slow.

APN this week: Suspect you didn't get the job because of your foreign name? In Finland, it's not clear who can help

Finland has separate pathways for dealing with gender and ethnic discrimination. 

All Points North #64: Foreign dads seek community during parental leave

Many migrant fathers on paternity leave in Finland face isolation but lack the resources to create peer networks.

APN this week: Finland wants more dads to take paternity leave, but foreign stay-at-home fathers struggle to find support

Finland wants more dads to care for their kids, but for some foreign fathers paternity leave can be a lonely experience. 

All Points North #63: Is Finland welcoming enough to foreign workers?

Migri needs to address the bottleneck in processing residence permit applications, tech sector representatives told APN.

APN this week: Is Finland’s approach to work-based immigration a ‘catastrophe’?

Immigration officials came under attack once again this week for their treatment of non-EU experts who want to work in Finland. But what can be done to fix the problem?

All Points North #62: How English-ready is the Finnish school system?

This week our APN podcast explores what could be done to better serve families who want an English-language education.

APN this week: Can Finland meet the growing demand for English-language education?

Finland says foreign labour will help salvage the economy, but does the country really serve international families?

All Points North #57 - The "Famous Five" begin their four-year government adventure

The SDP's Antti Rinne smoothly steered the five-party coalition toward assuming the mantle of government, APN's pundits said.

All Points North #54: Women in Finland's military - voluntary, obligatory or not at all?

Should Finland's conscript call-up extend to women and would it help deter future threats the country might face?

All Points North #53: How equitable is Finland's higher education system, anyway?

A recent OECD report says Finland's highly selective universities must start easing their admission requirements, as too many young people are being left behind.

All Points North #52: Political spin - who can say what in Finland?

Has political discourse become less straightforward, more discordant, and increasingly close to the limit of the law?

All Points North #50: Finland veers left and right - and seeks consensus after a divisive election

APN reviews a nail-biting parliamentary election and speculates about an SDP-led coalition as populism becomes the "new normal".

All Points North #47: Platforms, promises and platitudes - National Coalition Party

The centre-right NCP is on shaky ground in the polls as APN continues its pre-election review of Finland's main parliamentary groups.

All Points North #46: Platforms, promises and platitudes - the Centre Party

The Centre Party may be heading for one of its worst election results ever, says political pundit Sini Korpinen as APN mulls the party's election prospects.

All Points North #45: Platforms, promises and platitudes - the Greens

The Greens will almost certainly be part of government formation talks after parliamentary elections, says journalist Sam Kinsgley as APN continues its series examining Finland's political parties.

All Points North #44: Platforms, promises and platitudes - Finns Party

Can the populist Finns Party become a contender for government formation talks? APN considers whether its nationalist rhetoric is resonating with voters.

All Points North #43: Govt's unexpected resignation - and Left Alliance election promises

Political pundit Sini Korpinen joins APN to unpack the government's sudden resignation and examine the Left Alliance's platform ahead of the general election.

All Points North #40: Platforms, promises and platitudes - Christian Democrats

Journalist Sam Kingsley and political commentator Sini Korpinen join APN to discuss the prospects of Finland's Christian Democratic Party in the April elections.

All Points North #38: Top 5 reasons Finland loves lists with Peter Vesterbacka and Frank Martela

An ex-Angry Birds marketing guru and a rising philosophy researcher discuss why Finland seems to be obsessed with its rankings in international comparisons.

All Points North #37: Much ado about Brexit with Ilkka Salmi and Tim Bird

Finland is finally taking steps to provide Brits in Finland with some clarity about their status post-Brexit and in the event of a possible no-deal scenario.

All Points North #36: Media coverage of child sex abuse allegations with Anu Koivunen and Sam Kingsley

Multiple cases of suspected underage sex crimes have roiled the country recently, and APN takes a look at media reporting on the issue.

All Points North #35: Poverty in Finland with Eeva-Maria Grekula, Liisa Heinämäki and Jiri Sironen

Longer lines at food banks and more people struggling to make ends meet: APN takes a closer look at increasing poverty in Finland's rich welfare state.

All Points North #29: Henna Huttu and Sam Kingsley on Roma portrayals in Finnish media

This week APN dissects a media campaign that relied on celebrity voices to highlight discrimination against Roma in Finland.

All Points North #28: Outi Haanperä and Hanna Aho on ordinary people living with climate policy

This week the UN issued a wake-up call for states to combat climate change. APN asks what citizens can expect as Finland strives to meet its climate goals.

All Points North #27: Ville-Veikko Pulkka on the erosion of workers' rights in the app-driven economy

This week APN asks whether workers' rights are under siege as firms try to maximise profits while the government looks for new ways to boost competitiveness.

All Points North #26: Allyana Thomas makes the case for fast-tracking integration in Swedish

This week's episode of APN considers whether Swedish might be an easier nut to crack when it comes to learning a new language -- and integrating -- in Finland.

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