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Finland's alcohol prices highest in EU

A Europe-wide price comparison index found prices in Finland to be 91 percent higher than the EU average last year.

Not everything is cheaper in Tallinn: Which products cost less in Helsinki?

Shopping is not always cheaper in Estonia than Finland.

Taxi law reform sparks competition for fares from Helsinki Airport

Instead of a single queue of taxis offering rides at identical prices, airport customers can now compare fares from various firms.

Voit säästää hyödyntämällä netin hintavertailusivustoja – Selvitä kuitenkin sivuston kattavuus ja vertaiskommenttien aitous

Suomalaiset käyttävät netin vertailusivustoja apuna etenkin ostaessaan elektroniikkaa, ottaessaan vakuutuksia sekä varatessaan lentoja ja hotelleja.

Tuesday's papers: Finland reassures Russia on NATO, Prisma beats Lidl prices, fare dodgers' days numbered

Tuesday's newspapers covered Russia's reaction to Finland's relationship with NATO. For the first time, in one of its annual grocery shopping basket comparisons, a newspaper finds Prisma to be cheapest by a small margin. Next year it will become virtually impossible to ride local trains in the capital area without a ticket.

Yle comparison shows food prices falling across the board - but Lidl still cheapest

An Yle comparison of major food retailers’ in-house brands shows that the German market challenger Lidl remains the cheapest option for penny-wise shoppers. This in spite of the fact that the leading Finnish retail groups Kesko and the S Group have tried to claw back market share by significantly reducing prices on their white label products.

Tuesday's papers: Food price comparisons, 'the Curse of development aid', and the PM speeds up once again

Tuesday's newspapers focus on the ongoing 'price war' in Finnish supermarkets, with criticism of development aid and the Prime Minister's speaking style also on the agenda.

Taxes make Finnish food costly in EU comparison

Finnish consumers paid around a fifth more for food than the EU average last year, according to Statistics Finland. The main culprit for the high prices is taxation.

Helsinki leads in food price increases

A Helsinki survey by Yle Radio 1 has revealed a doubling of prices for food commodities such as coffee and sliced loaves in the ten years since Finland assumed the euro as its national currency.

Grocers: Food cheap relative to general price level

Foodstuffs in Finland are relatively inexpensive if the effect of value-added tax (VAT) is not taken into account. According to a survey commissioned by the Finnish Grocery Trade Association, even including VAT, food prices are slightly below the European average.

Helsinki World's 6th Most Expensive City

In a comparison of 30 of major cities around the world, Helsinki ranks as the sixth most expensive when measured by the price of consumer products, according to the price comparison service Pricerunner.

Kilpailuttaminen tärkeää mutta hankalaa

Kodin sopimusten kilpailuttaminen koetaan tärkeänä ja hyödyllisenä. Yli puolet kyselytutkimukseen vastanneista pitää kilpailuttamista kuitenkin vaikeana ja vaivalloisena. Esteinä pidetään tiedon ja osaamisen puutetta sekä pitkää nykyistä asiakassuhdetta, bonuksia ja keskittämisetuja.

Drug Prices in Finland Higher than European Average

The prices of medicines in Finland are well above the European average. According to a price comparison made in 2005, pharmaceuticals in Finland were 11 percent higher than the average in the European Union.

Broadband Internet Services Relatively Cheap in Finland

Prices of broadband internet services in Finland are clearly below the average for the European Union, according to a study commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The researchers compared prices of broadband services in the 25 EU countries in October 2005.