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Ministry calls for safety checks on nearly 400 at-risk steel structures

Environment and safety watchdogs in Finland are calling on municipalities to inspect close to 400 steel structures for possible flaws that could pose a safety risk. According to information collected by Yle structural defects have already been identified in over 80 buildings.

Spring season fills up "tyre hotels"

Changing the tyres on a car from the studded or otherwise winter-treated variety to smoother summer wheels is a five-minute job at a gas station. Individuals with a gusto for DIY can change their own tyres, if they know what they are doing. Increasingly many opt for professional treatment and storage.

Helsinki city workers visit mosques

Representatives of the City of Helsinki have set out to visit the city’s mosques this autumn, with the aim of reaching out to the growing numbers of asylum seekers and creating a dialogue with Muslim community leaders.

Swimmers criticise pool opening policies

This summer has been a bust for swimming aficionados, especially in the chilly northern climes. The water in outdoor swimming pools and lakes has oftentimes been freezing cold and the doors to most of the country’s indoor swimming halls are closed for months at a time. On the flip side, the VesiVeijari water park in the western coastal city of Kokkola has seen hordes of visitors this summer splashing in its heated pools.

Almost a third of applicants get spots in higher education

Thirty percent of candidates who filed applications in the spring to begin studies at universities or universities of applied science will be receiving letters of acceptance for a degree programme sometime early this month.

Helsinki service workers to strike Tuesday – tram and metro routes cancelled

The Helsinki City Council has tabled on-going discussions to privatise the municipal service provider Palmia, meaning that the service employee union representing Palmia’s employees will go ahead with its planned city-wide protest strike on Tuesday. Read on to learn which city services will be affected.

Gamers no longer huddle alone in the dark

Online gaming has changed over the years, as hardware and games have developed. Today’s gaming is no longer just a province of IT techies, as it now provides many diverse recreational opportunities for all, a fact that is easily seen in ever-increasing number of players and gaming activities.

Fraudsters in deaf fundraising scam

East European grafters have descended on the Helsinki area claiming to be collecting donations for the deaf. Regional police say the scam is not a new phenomenon.

Helsinki Burlesque festival attracts sell-out crowds to intimate venues

Organisers stress that burlesque is a satirical mix of performance art, dance, fantasy and theatre, rather than erotic entertainment.

Australian palot vaativat kuolonuhrin

Helleaallon riivaamassa eteläisessä Australiassa riehuu kymmeniä maastopaloja.

Watch world's biggest ice dome being built

A group of Dutch students, aided by local volunteers near Lieksa in eastern Finland, is constructing what they say will be the biggest ice dome ever built. With temperatures finally dropping, work is underway around the clock.

Tuesday's paper review: It's all about swimming

As the icy weather closes in, Tuesday's media fixation is clear. For several dailies around the country, the front page concern is Finns hitting the pool. Helsingin Sanomat is the main dissenter on this note, although the national daily is also concerned about moisture -- it runs a cover piece on air quality problems in Meilahti hospital. Icebreakers and municipal mergers also get a look in.

Vocal group leaves audiences in the dark

The Helsinki Music Centre offers an unusual musical experience on Friday evening. The a-capella vocal group Kumo is performing in complete darkness in one of the venue’s smaller halls, known as the Black Box.

New Helsinki music venue aims to attract international bands

There's long been a need for a rock club holding more than 1500 people in Finland, says the Live Music Association (ELMU), which is renovating the century-old hall.

Smoke without fire reveals drug crop in Järvenpää

Emergency services arrived at a building in Satukallio, Järvenpää after being alerted to signs of smoke coming from the location. No fire was found during their investigation; however, the emergency services team did stumble across several sizable crops of cannabis.

Ministry shuts down riding schools at risk of collapse

The Minister of Housing and Communications, Krista Kiuru, is to call a meeting of contractors in the construction industry next week to discuss the safety of large riding halls of the type that collapsed in Laukaa on Wednesday.

Investigators: Other riding halls risk roof failure

Finland’s Safety Investigation Authority OTK is calling on proprietors to immediately inspect riding halls similar to the one in Laukaa, central Finland where a ten year old child was killed by a collapsing roof Wednesday.

Drownings down, but danger period still ahead

Stereotypical film drownings involve an awful lot of flapping, splashing and shouting for help. That bears little relation to reality, according to Finnish lifesavers - most people who drown do so quietly and quickly, with a very small window of opportunity to save swimmers in trouble.

Buildings at Risk of Collapsing because of Heavy Snow on Rooftops

With yet more snow forecast for Monday across most of the country, warnings are being issued about the potential damage which can be caused by excess snow on rooftops.

Saturday Flights Back on Schedule

Finnish national air carrier Finnair said Saturday that all flights at the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport had returned to their scheduled timetables.

Sibeliustalo ylsi maailman parhaiden konserttitalojen joukkoon

Lahden Sibeliustalo on listattu maailman kymmenen parhaan konserttitalon joukkoon. Listauksen teki australialainen The Sydney Morning Herald -lehti.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Prepares for Busy School Holiday Weekend

Travellers can expect a rush at Helsinki-Vantaa airport this weekend. Finavia, which runs the airport, is urging travellers to allow enough time to check in before their flights this weekend.

Fire Causes Minor Disruptions at Helsinki Airport

Check-in services at the international terminal of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport were back to normal on Sunday afternoon after a morning fire at an airport restaurant led to a number of flight delays.

Weak Job Market Fuels Ph.D. Enrolment

The economic downturn is showing up in increasing enrolment numbers in Ph.D. programmes.

Hospital School Infested with Dangerous Mould

The school for sick children at the Helsinki Children's Hospital is infested with harmful black mould. Many of the children have severely compromised immune systems, and exposure to mould could have serious effects on their health.

Thursday Is Universal Children's Day

Schools around Finland are observing Universal Children's Day. A key objective of the celebration is to increase awareness of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Tighter Airport Regulations on Hand Baggage

Tougher EU flight restrictions on liquids carried in hand baggage came into effect on Monday.

Collapsed Roofs Under Investigation across the Country

The roof of a manège collapsed on Saturday in the town of Veteli in Central Ostrobothnia. Officials continue to investigate other recent roof accidents as well.

Roof Collapses at Store in Haapajärvi

The roof of a store in the town of Haapajärvi located in Northern Ostrobothnia collapsed on Saturday. No one was injured in the accident.