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Trump's surprise win: Aktia's chief economist says markets were wrong again

Aktia Bank's chief economist Heidi Schauman said she was concerned that European markets again incorrectly predicted the outcome of a major vote. The last time markets got it wrong was last summer when Britain voted to leave the EU; the so-called Brexit. This time it was the unexpected election of Donald Trump as US President, a miscalculation that resulted in nosedives on financial markets early on Wednesday.

Thursday's papers: TTIP delay, Metro mess, goodbye to cash, and grinning with Emma

Among the items in Thursday papers are a "delayed" but not "dead" evaluation of US-EU free trade talks, more on the continuing saga of Helsinki's western Metro extension, predictions of the demise of cash, and a photo-op for President Niinistö with Emma Watson.

TTIP: Finnish MEP reacts to trade deal leak

European Parliament member Anneli Jäätteenmäki said that details in the recently-leaked Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) documents provide a long-awaited look into some of the details of the deal. In a post on her blog, Jäätteenmäki accused the United States of threatening to complicate the import of EU vehicles if US farming equipment products were not permitted to enter European markets.

Likely coalition's key immigration, security and EU policy proposals

The three political parties participating in Finland’s government negotiations presented thier first joint ‘position papers’ to the media on Wednesday on the topics of immigration policy, foreign and security policy and EU policy. Yle highlights 14 points that stood out from the likely future government's presentation.

Europhile NCP dominates polls with big-name candidates

Yle's election coverage continues today with a day of stories devoted to the National Coalition party. Although they lead in the polls, the party's candidates have plenty of domestic politics to keep them occupied.