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Unions and employers deadlocked over Equal Pay programme

The parties have been unable to agree on the right measures to take to narrow the gender pay gap issue in Finland.

Finnish FA announces equal pay for male and female players

New contracts negotiated with Finland's female national team players brings their earnings in line with the men's team.

Slight progress in Finland: Equal Pay Day nudges forward into November

The gap between men’s and women’s wages has narrowed by half a percentage point in the past year in Finland. Still, much more needs to be done, say union leaders.

Women still earn 17% less – but who should fix the wage gap?

Finland's minister of equality issues says it's up to employers and unions to narrow the pay gap between women and men. The head of the country's biggest union disagrees.

Union calls for extra wage increase for women-dominated sectors

A Finnish trade union is calling for a separate wage increase for public sector jobs dominated by women – on top of general wage hikes. The JHL union, which represents workers in the public sector, says that pay in women-dominated sectors has lagged behind that in male-dominated professions. Employer groups have said there's no money to make up the difference.

Ministry plans transfer of asylum recipients to regions with labour shortages

Plans are underway to transfer the over 10,000 people expected to be granted asylum in Finland soon to those parts of the country in need of workers. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is confident that the new resident permit holders will learn Finnish on the job.

Arajärvi: Women should demand higher pay

Women's wages in Finland are still about one-fifth lower than men’s. Equal Pay Programme Chairperson, Pentti Arajärvi, emphasises that wages are not determined by equality groups, but in the workplace.

Gender wage gap persists

A new survey by the private sector white-collar trade union Pro shows that an 8% gap in the wages and salaries paid to men and women has not changed for at least the past five years. In addition, it found that employers provide more training for men, even though women apply for training in greater numbers.

Gender pay gap in Finland worse than in rest of Europe

Studies show that women in Finland earn on average 18 percent less than men. Experts interviewed by YLE's breakfast television programme on Wednesday said that the gender pay gap could grow even larger.

Strike Averted in Construction Sector

Strike action scheduled to start in the construction sector on Thursday was cancelled after parties to the dispute approved a compromise proposal tabled by the National Conciliator Essa Lonka. Part of the deal is aimed at battling the grey economy in the building trade.

Government to Miss Equal Pay Target

The government will not meet its target for narrowing the pay gap between men and women, according to a new report. Women’s wages are currently around 80 percent of mens’, a gap that will probably narrow to 16 percent by 2015, one percent more than the target stipulates.

Wallin: Downturn No Reason to Dismiss Pay Equality Goals

Minister of Culture and Sport Stefan Wallin, who is also responsible for gender equality issues, says the financial downturn is no reason to forgo goals to narrow the male-female wage gap.

New Nurses Being Paid More than Experienced Colleagues

Finland's nurse shortage has led to a pay competition, in which new nurses are being lured with pay packages in which they can sometimes earn more than experienced colleagues.

Government Wants Better Wage Equality for Women.

A government working group has said that equal pay initiatives should be targeted at companies with over thirty employees.