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Finland observes All Saints’ Day on Saturday

Most Christians in Finland observe All Saints’ Day on November 4 this year. As the holiday falls on a Saturday, there are few significant schedule changes.

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Holiday reminders: All Saints Day to affect buses, trains, business hours

All Saints Day, October 31 is observed as a public holiday in Finland and means changes to regular commercial hours and public transportation timetables. On Saturday, the majority of business establishments will not be open to the public.

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Friday’s papers: Asylum-seekers’ plight, Finns Party dissent, Halloween inroads

As the working week winds down, newspaper editors have an array of topics on their minds, from the latest spat within Foreign Minister Timo Soini’s Finns Party to fluctuations in migrant numbers – as well as an unexploded bomb and All Saints Day commemorations.

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Paper review: Bad business, ambulance bills and rampaging priests make Monday's headlines

A poorly researched business deal means the state could face losses of up to 15 million euros, according to Helsingin Sanomat. Meanwhile, Tampere's daily looks at the cost of emergency healthcare, and this year's personal income statistics are not yet ready to be put to rest for Iltasanomat.

Pakistanin kirkkoiskun uhrimäärä nousi

Pakistanin kristityt kokoontuivat tänään maanantaina eri puolilla maata vaatimaan parempaa suojelua vähemmistölleen.