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Finland sees smallest grain harvest in decades

Extreme weather again caused harvests to dwindle last year, says Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

Thursday's papers: Climate strike, avalanche risk and liquorice pipes

Students missing school for climate protest, extreme weather causing more avalanches in Lapland and the regulation of liquorice pipes are among Thursday's headlines.

Appeal to save water as underground levels drop

Amid a record-hot and dry summer, the Finnish Environment Institute is concerned about Finland's depleted groundwater reserves affecting private wells.

Finland's future - Even darker winters with temperatures like Hungary?

Average temperatures in Finland are rising nearly twice as fast as in the rest of the world, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. New projections suggest the warming trend is most pronounced during winter.

3,600 lightning strikes in one day set summer record

Sunday’s storms over eastern Finland caused widespread power outages and some flooding, with extreme weather set to continue into the start of the week.

Mixed reactions in Finland to Paris climate accord

Nearly 200 world leaders celebrated in Paris Saturday after signing an unprecedented pact to limit global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While politicians and business leaders praised the agreement, some NGOs said it still didn't go far enough.

FMI chief: Paris 1.5 degree goal unrealistic

Many countries at the Paris climate summit opted to pursue a maximum global warming limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius instead of the originally proposed 2-3 degrees. Finnish Meteorological Institute director Petteri Taalas says the goal is not an easy one to reach.

Electricity grid upgrade heralds bigger bills for consumers

Finnish electricity companies plan to spend close to seven billion euros to upgrade the distribution network and to ensure that storms and other forms of extreme weather won’t cause blackouts in the future. However building a more reliable distribution grid could mean customers will face bigger electricity bills, particularly in rural areas.

Storm winds batter western Finland, move east – Fresh storm en route

Much of Finland is feeling the force of storm-strength winds on Wednesday. Meteorologists are warning of the risk that power lines might be cut in the extreme conditions, while ferry companies have cancelled services because of the extreme weather. Yle meteorologists also warn of a renewed storm front moving in over the weekend.

Typhoon delays continue for Finnair

Finnair has been forced to delay flights from Helsinki to Hong Kong by at least six hours because of typhoon Usagi. The storm had earlier forced Finnair to cancel Saturday’s flight.

EU Nuclear Safety Under Survey

EU nuclear safety officials are looking at how prepared nuclear power plants across Europe are for extreme weather conditions and events. Finland has already begun its study, which involves inspecting safety at its nuclear power plants during periods of extreme cold.

Forecasters Say A Hot Summer Just Once in a Lifetime

The Finnish Meteorological Institute believes a middle-aged Finn will experience a hot summer of the kind enjoyed this year only once in his or her lifetime. However, those of childhood age could expect more hot summers at ten to fifteen year intervals later in the century.

Train Delays Hit Record High

Extreme weather this year in Finland has contributed to a record number of train delays. Last winter's long period of bitter cold and this summer's storms have cost the rail sector more than 20 million euros.

No Let-Up in Heatwave

Forecasters say there is no let-up in sight for the current heatwave. Temperatures early this week in southern and central areas could top 35 degrees Celsius.

Blizzard Hits Rail and Air Traffic

A severe overnight snow blizzard has led to extensive disruption of both local and long distance rail traffic. Flights from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport have also been delayed.

Stormy Weather Subsides

After two days of high winds and heavy rain at the beginning of the week, weather conditions have now improved, with colder but drier conditions around most of the country.

Parliament Discusses Asian Disaster Relief

The government gave a report to parliament on Thursday over its actions immediately after the Asian tsunami disaster. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen admitted that collating information from the disaster area had posed problems.