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KOURA palkitsi vuoden 2019 parhaita ohjelmia

Tunnustukset jaettiin KOURAn virtuaaligaalassa.

Bear hunting quota rises to nearly 400

The number of permits has been gradually increasing in recent years.

Unemployed jobseeker figures almost double in April

The employment ministry said the spike was due to layoffs caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Ukraine will let seasonal workers head to Finnish farms after all

Some 1,500 Ukrainian labourers will now be able to travel to Finland if certain conditions are met.

Yle sources: Schools may reopen on 14 May

The government will consider a proposal prepared by the Ministry of Education to reopen schools at a meeting on Wednesday.

Thursday's papers: "Surprise" border decision, Lapland travel plea, annoying neighbours

Finland's press examines reasons and reactions to the rollback of travel restrictions on the Uusimaa regional border.

Ministry pushes to increase face mask production

Finnish care homes have faced a shortage of face masks during the coronavirus epidemic.

Nature mag names no-repair electronics most useless product of the year

Suomen Luonto magazine has named close to impossible to repair electronic devices its most useless product of 2019.

Posti to charge for deliveries from outside EU

Customers can expect to pay €2.90 if the value of the delivery is valued at over 22 euros.

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailun haku on nyt päättynyt - Kilpailijat julkistetaan 21.1.

Suomen euroviisuedustaja selviää maaliskuussa Tampereella

Movement Now closes in on formal political party status

The group submitted the 5,000 signatures needed to become a political party to the Justice Ministry on Friday.

Finnish postal fees set to increase

Posti will raise the price of sending letters and cards in August, but heavier mail will become cheaper.

Eyewitnesses very poor at identifying people at long distances, study finds

The researchers found that identifying faces from 40 metres away is twice as hard as from a distance of five metres.

Finland's Tieto to snap up Norwegian IT rival Evry for €1.3B

The combined turnover of the entity formed after the merger has been estimated at some three billion euros.

Private healthcare provider Pihlajalinna to cut up to 380 jobs

Close to 2,400 employees will be involved in co-determination talks.

Two-thirds in Finland trust the pension system, survey finds

The "pension barometer" also asked what people think about the system's intergenerational fairness.

Finland set to defend world cheerleading championship

The Finnish national team placed first in the semi-finals making them well-placed for victory as they head into Friday's finals.

Police nab more than 5,500 speeders in a day, despite advance warning

Officers also caught 33 wanted fugitives and uncovered 60 other violations during a 24-hour operation.

VR to stop cash ticket sales aboard long-distance trains

The state railway's new point of sales devices aboard long-distance trains will only accept credit or debit cards as of September.

Finnish dairy giant Valio to cut up to 100 jobs

Leading dairy firm Valio said up to 100 of its white-collar workers in Helsinki could lose their jobs.

Air traffic controllers begin two-hour work stoppage

Air traffic controllers will stop work from 3 to 5pm on Friday, in the first of a planned series of weekly walkouts in response to an unresolved labour dispute.

Trump vaatii Venäjä-tutkinnan salaisia dokumentteja julkisiksi – tiedustelupalvelun virkamiehet järkyttyneitä

Trumpin määräys koskee myös oikeusministeriön ja FBI:n virkamiesten välisiä tekstiviestejä.

Finnair’s new CEO scooped from Nordea

Banker Topi Manner, who has been named the new CEO of Finnair, reiterated the company's zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol consumption on the job.

Immigration Service "constantly" monitoring Afghan security situation

The Finnish Immigration Service said that no deportees are "returned to areas where the threat of violence is extreme."

Finland’s consumer confidence up, unemployment fears down

Finland's statistics agency reports that consumers in May were very confident about their own personal financial situations and the country's economy, overall.

Finnish postal fees edging upward

The cost of sending cards and letters in Finland is set to rise next month.

Audit Office finds oversight shortcomings in Finland's €4.1bn business subsidy system

Finnish government spending on subsidies for business increased in 2016, but the number of recipients fell, according to a new report from the State Audit Office. The report also uncovered deficiencies in oversight of the spending.

Finnish modern artist Carolus Enckell dead at age 72

The Finnish painter Carolus Enckell has died after a long illness on Monday, September 25, at the age of 72. Enckell is considered one of the most significant Finnish modern artists of his generation, according to a press release issued by Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki, which has represented the artist since 2008.

Editor-in-chief Atte Jääskeläinen departs Finnish public broadcaster

Yle editor in chief and head of news and current affairs Atte Jääskeläinen has left the national broadcaster after assuming the lead role in a story that originally centred on reporting of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s potential conflicts of interest. Yle said in a press release that Jääskeläinen’s departure took effect immediately on Monday.

April was colder, wetter and snowier than usual

The Finnish Meteorological Institute's figures show that April 2017 was colder, wetter and snowier than average, confirming the gut instincts of most of those who reside in Finland.

Consumer confidence in Finnish economy strongest in years

Consumers in Finland are more hopeful about improvement in the economy and rising employment figures than in nearly a decade, Statistics Finland says.

Trump kielsi ympäristöhallinnolta lehdistötiedotteet ja some-päivitykset

Ympäristövirasto EPA ei saa myöskään toistaiseksi myöntää avustuksia tai antaa työmääräyksiä.

Asylum applications in Finland plunged in 2016

The Finnish Immigration Service reports that around 5,600 people applied for asylum in Finland in 2016, a significantly lower figure than the 32,500 applicants who arrived in 2015. Some 9,000 pending applications are currently being transferred from the auspices of the police department to those of the Immigration Service - and the transition will likely slow down processing times, the agency said.

Swimmer Hanna-Maria Seppälä to retire

With an international career that has spanned 19 years and snagged 17 medals, Olympic swimmer Hanna-Maria Seppälä says she made the decision to end her competitive swimming career just before the Rio Olympics in July.

Leaders extend condolences after Imatra killings

Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen, Imatra’s city council chair, was killed along with two journalists that wrote for the local Uutisvuoksi newspaper in Imatra late Saturday evening in what was apparently a random shooting. The chair of Finland’s Social Democratic Party Antti Rinne says he knew Wilén-Jäppinen well.

Ensimmäinen tuomio Tanskassa: Slovakialainen nainen karkotetaan kerjäämisestä

Oikeudenkäynnin aikana ilmeni, että nainen oli tullut Tanskaan nimenomaan elättääkseen itsensä kerjäämällä.

Consumer confidence in Finland at five-year high

According to Statistics Finland consumer confidence is at a five-year high. The agency reports that for the first time in years, consumers were more optimistic about the unemployment situation in November.

Länsimetro CEO replaced, metro extension price tag still rising

Länsimetro CEO Matti Kokkinen was fired from his post on Monday, and Ville Saksi was named to replace him immediately. The latest estimates predict the over-budget and delayed metro expansion investment to the west of Helsinki will accrue tens of millions of euros in added expenses before it becomes operational.

Five more asylum seeker reception centres to close

The Finnish Immigration Service has announced that it is shutting down more asylum seeker reception centres around the country. The agency said that it is now closing five centres, a move which will reduce occupancy by some 1,800 beds. More centres are scheduled to be closed in coming months, with a planned reduction of 9,000 beds by next spring.

Metsähallitus threatens temporary lay off of all 357 loggers

Finland’s state-owned forest administrator Metsähallitus announced Friday that it is considering temporarily laying off 357 loggers for three months of the year in order to streamline services. The group’s labour representative wonders why the cost-saving measure targets lumberjacks in particular.

Yle to reform its television services

Yle's Administrative Council approved the plan 25/10/2016.

Rovaniemi football ground wins Finlandia Prize for Architecture

The winner of the 2016 Finlandia Prize for Architecture has gone to a football stand. The winner is the multipurpose Railo building in the Sports Arena of one of Finland's northernmost cities, Rovaniemi, which doubles as a stand for the stadium. According to Railo's chief architect Aaro Artto, the project was carried out using mostly local resources.

Finnair thwarts attempted frequent flyer point-stealing scam

Finland's national airline Finnair has announced that it had foiled an attempted scam of its frequent flyer programme Finnair Plus. Finnair said that the perpetrators had succeeded in acquiring the frequent flyer points of 16 Finnair Plus members but said the points have since been returned to their rightful owners.

Helsinki to borrow more than one quarter of a billion euros for city transport

While municipal taxes aren't set to rise in Helsinki, the city's debt will increase by nearly 236 million euros over the next few years. This week Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen presented next year's city budget.

Helsinki Police: 21 year-old woman planned school shooting

Police in Helsinki say that they have thwarted a young woman from carrying out a planned school shooting. On Tuesday a Helsinki District Court ordered that the woman, who was born in 1995, to be held on remand.

Paulig Group buys majority of pulled oats startup firm

Finnish food company Paulig Group has announced that it is acquiring a majority ownership stake in the Gold&Green Foods startup firm which makes a vegetarian meat substitute product called pulled oats. The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

Aikakauden päätös: NBA-legenda Tim Duncan lopettaa uransa

Viisinkertainen NBA-mestari ja koko uransa San Antonio Spursia edustanut Tim Duncan lopettaa 19 kautta kestäneen koripallouransa.

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