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"Tuolla ne rikkaat nauraa meille" – kohuttu koronaooppera saa arvostelua ja ymmärrystä huumorin ammattilaisilta

Koominen Covid fan tutte -ooppera teki huumoria koronasta ja sai kriitikon närkästymään. Saako vakaville asioille nauraa?

Kriitikko tuomitsi Covid fan tutten laulajat narsistisiksi ja Kansallisoopperan vastuuttomaksi – musiikkialalla pöyristyttiin

Katso Kansallisoopperan Covid fan tutte suorana Yle Areenasta klo 18.50 ja kerro oma mielipiteesi.

Lehtien kysely: Selvä enemmistö suomalaisista hyväksyy EU-maiden elvytysrahaston yhteisvastuun

Naiset, nuoret ja kaupunkilaiset suhtautuvat elvytyspakettiin miehiä, ikääntyneitä ja maaseudulla asuvia myönteisemmin.

Monday's papers: Split on bailouts, holiday fatalities, advice to Trump

A poll by the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat shows Finns divided over government help to struggling businesses.

Auli Viitalan kolumni: Median käyttö on luokkakysymys

Auli Viitala penkoi lehtiroskiksen ja huomasi asuvansa talossa, johon ei tilata sanomalehtiä. Ja miksi tilattaisiinkaan, kun ne palvelevat vain keskiluokkaa?

Tuesday's papers: Returning to normal, travel takes off, boar hunt in Helsinki

Morning papers look at the end of the state of emergency, reviving travel, media use and a boar hunt in the capital.

Friday's papers: New frontier for far-right, education export and cabin rush slows

Finnish media explore the politicisation of climate science, praise for Finnish police and a slowdown in cabin sales.

Svenska Ylen uusi johtaja on Johanna Törn-Mangs

Johanna Törn-Mangs aloittaa tehtävässään heinäkuun alussa.

Wednesday's papers: Corona testing, school concerns, cool summer

Newspapers report on an upswing in commercial coronavirus testing and concerns about schools reopening this week.

Wednesday's papers: Is Finland taking Sweden's approach to beating Covid-19?

Dailies probe the human cost of achieving herd immunity and explore the downsides of social distancing.

Wednesday's papers: Covid concentrated, pandemic fashion, new bike rules and a hot summer

Domestic news outlets explore coronavirus beyond the capital, retailers' uphill battle and mandatory gear for cyclists.

Wednesday's papers: Tough decisions, daycare infections, meteor showers

Many papers report on the state of the coronavirus epidemic as the government prepares to ease or extend social restrictions.

Thursday's papers: Uusimaa to be cordoned off, pension worries and airport health checks

Finland is preparing to seal off Uusimaa by Friday to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Friday's papers: More millionaires, no to women conscripts, novel coronavirus tracking

Morning papers report on more wealthy Finns, a poll rejecting women conscripts, experts calming fears of a new epidemic.

Monday's papers: Monday blues, Finnish link in major sexual assault case and Puhos' uncertain future

Finns' stressful lives, #metoo and a Finnish-born fashion mogul and an uncertain future for Finland's most foreign mall.

Thursday's papers: FM under investigation, warning to citizen sleuths, near-record Lapland snow

Morning papers have more on scrutiny of actions by the foreign minister, and a warning to social media vigilantes.

Thursday's papers: Birth rate hope, good jobs and Finland's war on plastic

Finland's low birthrate could recover, a think tank wants more "quality" jobs and plastic's second life.

Wednesday's papers: Finland braces for coronavirus, AI-proof jobs and park litter

Finland prepares for coronavirus, jobs safe from automation and mounting waste in public spaces.

Thursday's papers: Boosting employment, mild winter woes, end of an iconic image

Among morning newspaper reports is speculation that restrictions may be eased on employing non-EU/EEA citizens.

Tuesday’s papers: Minimum wage, southern Finland's non-winter and gorging on ice cream

Finland worries about an EU-wide minimum wage, more mild weather and a hotel hits a sweet spot with ice cream lovers.

Lucia-neito, "Valon lähettiläs", kruunattiin tänään Helsingissä

Lucian päivä huipentuu tänään, kun Lucia-neito kruunataan tehtäväänsä. Tapahtumaa voi seurata suorana verkossa.

Friday’s papers: Cannabis legalisation, Finland's cheapest groceries and the end of tax mail

High and low earners favour cannabis decriminalisation, grocer price competition and the carbon cost of mail.

Friday’s papers: Turkey incursion, Makia messes up, and traffic cops under fire

Friday’s papers were full of Finnish angles on the Turkish offensive in northern Syria, but also had room for a trademark dispute and a critique of modern traffic cops.

Thursday's papers: Finland suspends arms exports, unhealthy wood smoke, and Catholic church child sex abuse

Finland stops arms exports to Turkey, wood burners spark debate, and a Catholic child sex abuse scandal reaches Finland.

Tuesday’s papers: Nordic Amazon, moose on the loose and sports success

Amazon's quiet venture into the Nordics, elk collision season, and defining success in sports are in the news.

Thursday's papers: Lower taxes, growing hate crime and postal workers in the gig economy

Residents want lower taxes, the EU says hate crime is growing in Finland and a cleaning firm provides mail workers for Posti.

Porvoon poliisiampumisista epäiltyjen veljesten isä HS:lle ja HBL:lle: Rikosten motiivia mahdoton ymmärtää

Isän mukaan pojat ovat aina arvostaneet poliiseja ja virkavaltaa kuuluu myös perheen tuttavapiiriin.

HBL: Entisen ministerin Hanna Mäntylän työ Euroopan neuvostossa on päättynyt eroon

Timo Soinin suojattina pidetyn Hanna Mäntylän työsuhteen lopettamiseen päädyttiin yhteisymmärryksessä Mäntylän ja toimeksiantajan kesken, kertoo Hufvudstadsbladet.

Poll: Narrow majority oppose Nato membership

In line with trends elsewhere, Finns are increasingly unsure about their stance on Nato.

Friday’s papers: Median incomes, urban health and the Laestadian gathering

Women in Finland earn 78 cents on the euro, Åland residents are the country's healthiest and a fundamentalist religious group draws thousands during Pride Week.

Monday’s papers: Sustainable Finland, Airiston Helmi’s mystery man and equality in sports

The new government agenda calls for 'sustainability', the man behind Airiston Helmi talks and why girls drop out of sports.

Friday’s papers: Threats against judges, more student aid and Finland’s Lions defeat Sweden

Judges in Finland face threats, Kela rolls out more student aid and Finland faces Russia in world hockey semi-finals.

Friday’s papers: Pension problems, the conquest of English and happy retirees

A quarter of Finland's future workforce could be foreign, worries about the gravitational pull of English and the health-improving benefits of retirement.

Thursday's papers: Financing the welfare state, legal corruption and Stone Age farmers

Low employment levels threaten welfare services, a researcher challenges the integrity of Finland's legal system and Åland's Stone Age farmers.

Wednesday's papers: Russian interference, budget woes, and declining trade unions

Russia's influence in Finland, post-election economic realities and Finns lose faith in trade unions.

Readership continues to decline for Finland’s print papers

Print readership is tumbling in Finland, according to MediaAuditFinland, which collates data on print and digital media in the country.

Friday's papers: Finland's affinity for nuclear power, citizens' climate concerns and lawnmowers cut the ice

Finland produces double the greenhouse gas emissions of Sweden, the electorate worries about climate change and lawnmowers cut the ice.

Wednesday’s papers: Civics tests, migrant labour and Siberian chill

MPs propose a civics test for newcomers, the national daily explores migration policies for boosting labour supply, and a Siberian cold front lets up.

Friday’s papers: Incomes register security concerns, forced sterilisation and depressed workers

Security concerns about Finland's Incomes Register, Finland’s deaf seek compensation for decades of sterilisation, and depression stops people from working.

Friday’s papers: Gov PR junkets under fire, drugged driving and millions paid to home-owners claiming housing benefit

Politicos come under fire for a 600,000-euro summer junket, drugged driving surpasses drunk driving and home-owners may profit from housing benefits.

Monday's papers: Snowy roads, blood donors, defeats in ring and rink, comet on the rise

The likelihood of a white Christmas and a special treat in the winter night sky are among the items in the morning's press.

Elin Qvist on Suomen Lucia-neito 2018

Qvist nähdään Lucia-kulkueen johdossa 13.12. Helsingin keskustassa ja suorana lähetyksenä televisiossa.

Friday’s papers: 4-day workweek, rising rates, men & #metoo and soy controversy

Long working hours could become a distant memory, mortgage rates reverse course, the men's rights movement finds an audience, and soy gets a bad rap.

Tuesday's papers: Finland and Nato, English gaining ground, peeking at your neighbour's finances

In Tuesday's papers Helsingin Sanomat says Nato cooperation is not a backdoor to membership, while HBL reports moves to give the English language official status.

Wednesday’s papers: Transparent pay, youth homelessness, and the cost of flying

Tech companies encourage salary transparency, more young people in Finland face homelessness, and lifestyle choices for shrinking carbon emissions.

Pääkaupunkiseudun lippu-uudistus viivästyy – vyöhykkeet pysyvät samana alkukevääseen

Vyöhykeuudistusta ei pystytä ottamaan käyttöön ennen kuin matkakortit on vaihdettu uusiin. Vaihtoa ei ole vielä pystytty aloittamaan testeissä ilmenneiden tiedonsiirto-ongelmien takia.

IS: Kuulantyönnön olympiaedustaja Bo Grahn on kuollut

Vuoden 1972 olympialaisissa Suomea edustanut Bo Grahn sairasti Ilta-Sanomien mukaan melanoomaa.

Tuesday's papers: Trump-Putin meeting, analysis and commentary

The Finnish newspaper press today looked at what happened in Helsinki on Monday, and what it may mean.

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