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Kemi aloittaa anonyymin rekrytoinnin kokeilun

Kemissä anonyymin rekrytoinnin uskotaan yleistyvän tulevaisuudessa.

Eksote sai ministeriöltä 3,9 miljoonaa euroa kehittämisrahaa

Valtionavustus käytetään pääosin Eksoten asiakaspalvelujen sujuvoittamiseen ja asiakasohjauksen parantamiseen.

Farms hire domestic seasonal workers to salvage berry crop

A drop in the number of seasonal workers coming to Finland from abroad had placed the harvest in jeopardy.

Gov't pledges €120m to shore up restaurants hit by crisis

The government has promised 1,000 euros per employee to help restaurateurs re-hire laid-off staff.

Yli 460 000 euron tuki Rannikkopajoille ja etsivään nuorisotyöhön Etelä-Kymenlaaksossa

Rannikkopajat vastaa Etelä-Kymenlaakson kuntien nuorten työpajoista.

Postal workers plan Helsinki protest amid acrimonious start to strike

The union representing postal workers said striking employees will stage a demonstration in Helsinki on Tuesday.

Government dishes out cash in bid to ease healthcare waiting times

Finland is putting more cash into municipal health and social care in a bid to speed up service and hire more doctors.

Työvoiman palkkaaminen ulkomailta harvinaista Etelä-Hämeessä

Vuoden 2019 tammi-elokuussa Hämeen ELY-keskuksen alueella haettiin vajaat 150 työlupaa ulkomailta tuleville työntekijöille.

Government seeks to expand wage subsidy programme

Prime Minister Antti Rinne's coalition hopes to give work to 20,000 jobless by expanding the use of state salary support.

Up to €1m for schools to combat online child predation

The funding can be used to hire teachers, counsellors and special assistants to help develop kids' media literacy skills.

Supo: Employers request 62k background checks annually on potential hires

Bad credit or a criminal history could disqualify job applicants seeking work in certain positions.

Tampere voi kokeilla nimetöntä työhönottoa, kun ensin on kuultu muiden kokemuksia

Anonyymissa rekrytoinnissa hakijan kokemus ja koulutus ovat valitsijoiden nähtävillä, mutta esimerkiksi nimi ei.

Half of young wage earners not given legal holiday duration, survey says

Preventing employees from taking consecutive weeks of vacation is almost always illegal, a union says.

More partially disabled people could find jobs, government says

Finland's new employment minister says attitudes towards those with partial capacity to work needs to change.

Court frees recruiter accused of discriminating against Russian-Finnish dual citizen

The court ruled that the man was merely complying with directives handed down by the Defence Forces.

Chinese tech firm to open European HQ in Tampere

Smartphone solutions provider AAC Technologies says it will invest close to 9 million euros in research and hire up to 200 new employees.

Court: Helsinki breaks contract talks with Muslim recruit who wanted prayer breaks

Three city officials face labour discrimination charges after ending contract talks with a new hire over prayer breaks.

Where can Finland find 1,000 new doctors?

The new Finnish government plans to expand healthcare services, but faces an acute shortage of physicians.

Mixed economic signals from Finnish firms; many still face recruitment problems

Many companies say they still have trouble hiring enough qualified employees.

NBI wraps up probe of construction firms' suspected €4.6m in tax evasion

"This is probably the biggest case [of off-the-books employment] in the past decade," the National Bureau of Investigation said.

Finnish MPs approve watered-down version of controversial firing law

Government softened major elements of the contentious draft legislation in the face of stiff resistance from labour unions.

Saksassa hallitus suunnittelee helpotuksia EU:n ulkopuolisen työvoiman palkkaamiseen

Saksassa on pulaa muun muassa sairaanhoitajista sekä it-ammattilaista.

Eksote aloittaa laihdutuskuurin heti joulun jälkeen

Eksoten ensi vuoden talousarvio on noin kahdeksan miljoonaa euroa miinuksella.

Raided real estate firm boss hires lawyer and retired businessman

Through his new lawyer, the Russian businessman behind Airiston Helmi has made his first statement since the firm was raided by Finnish authorities last month.

Tampere University to pay €100k in damages, fees for discriminating against female job applicant

The district court ruled the university discriminated against a woman for being a mother and overlooked her for a neurology professorship.

Friday's papers: Substance abuse behind the wheel, MP questions, dissing Finnish coffee

Finland's print press looks at places with the most DUIs, gov't plans to make it easier to fire people, and people turning up their noses at Finnish java.

Unions threaten industrial action over plans to ease firing for small firms

Health and social care workers will not cover their colleagues' shifts or work overtime if plans to make it easier for small firms to sack employees move ahead.

Finnish firms pass up 150m euros in wage subsidies aimed at hiring unemployed

One of the government’s employment-boosting measures involves paying half of a firm’s payroll expenses – if it hires an unemployed person.

Finnish firms cite benefits dependency, lack of skilled applicants as biggest hiring obstacles

More than two-thirds of Finnish companies said they have trouble recruiting new employees, according to a survey carried out by business lobby group EK.

Govt buries controversial reform to ease hiring under-30-year-olds for gig work

The government still wants to move forward with legislation to make it easier for small businesses to shed workers.

Survey: Finnish firms grapple with know-how shortage

Nearly half of Finnish employers say they have trouble filling open job positions, according to a survey released Wednesday.

Nokian Tyres to boost production, hire 80 workers at plant in central Finland

Finnish manufacturer Nokian Tyres has plans to ramp up production of passenger vehicle tyres by 30 percent.

Union: Extending workers' overtime hours could result in fewer new hires

Proposed changes to laws regarding workers' overtime hours could encourage employers to not take on new staff, according to Finland's largest worker's union.

Study: Brisk hiring at ports signals strength in exports

The fastest growth in hiring in a decade shows that exports are going strong, says a major pension fund. However growth is slowing up north.

Helsinki, Espoo inspire more Finnish cities to trial anonymous recruitment

In an effort to boost employment, city officials in Vaasa in western Finland are considering piloting anonymous recruitment following positive outcomes in cities like Helsinki and Espoo.

Four face charges over alleged discrimination against Finnish-Russian dual citizen

Police say that the four suspects may have discriminated against a job applicant who was not hired, allegedly due to her Finnish-Russian dual nationality.

Hämeenlinna panostaa sosiaalityöntekijöiden rekrytointiin

Hämeenlinna pyrkii parantamaan sosiaalityöntekijöiden rekrytointia työhyvinvointia edistävillä ja työtä kehittävillä keinoilla.

"Why wouldn't you employ me?"— Life as a blind immigrant in Finland

Many of us take moving around freely for granted. But for visually impaired people like Licia Prehn, a good memory and a talent for creating a mental map are the keys to freedom of movement.

Finland tweaks 'activation model', hires 200 more employment advisors

Labour Minister Jari Lindström said Thursday that the government plans to hire an additional 206 employees to interview jobseekers as it continues the roll-out of its controversial activation model.

Easier to get a job, easier to lose it - PM defends gov't plans

The main goal of government talks this week on the 2019 state budget was to work out means to further boost employment. While new policies in Finland will lower the threshold for companies to hire, they will also make many new jobs less secure.

Sipilä puolustaa irtisanomisten helpottamista: Yksinyrittävälle suurin riski on ensimmäisen työntekijän palkkaaminen

Pääministeri uskoo, että päätöksellä saadaan positiivista työllisyyskehitystä vauhditettua.

Monday's papers: Bank strike averted, metal workers scarce, most pastors for gay marriage

A long-standing finance sector settlement, the metal industry's worker shortage and a Lutheran pastor poll are the topics of this Monday's review of domestic dailies.

All Points North Podcast #5: Daycare pay cartel, battling loneliness, in search of public saunas

This week APN looks at a contentious debate over hiring daycare teachers, the issue of loneliness in Finland, how to find a public sauna and more. Our special guest is media personality Ruben Stiller.

Southern Finland employment agency buses jobseekers to Uusikaupunki Mercedes-Benz factory

Last month Valmet Automotive announced plans to hire 1,000 workers to build Mercedes-Benz cars in southwest Finland. Now the Uusimaa employment agency in southern Finland has been taking job applicants to the plant by bus.

Viisi vinkkiä kesätyöhakemukseen: ole rehellinen, selkeä ja näytä intosi

Kesätöitä hakevan kannattaa panostaa hakemukseen, mutta työnhakutaidot ovat toisinaan ruostuneet myös työelämässä olevilta. Vanhanaikainen tyyli viestii siitä, että hakijaa ei kiinnosta uudistua ja pysyä ajan hermolla

Valmet to hire 1,000 in Finland to produce Mercedes-Benz A-Class cars

Finnish auto manufacturer Valmet Automotive said it plans to hire some 1,000 workers in Finland this year to help assemble Mercedes-Benz's line of A-Class cars.

Restaurant with unique staff a runaway success in south-east Finland

Kamu, a restaurant run by people with intellectual disabilities, has been a hit since it opened four years ago in the coastal town of Hamina. The eatery has expanded from 60 seats to 200 due to its popularity.

Ukrainians lead applications as officials ease rules for non-EEA builders in southern Finland

Moves to facilitate the hiring of construction workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in the Uusimaa region have not so far led to a dramatic upsurge of work permit applications. Such applications are up by around one fifth this year, with Ukrainians and Russians leading the pack -- but officials say that is partly due to the general economic recovery.

Thursday's papers: Racist nurse repercussions, risks for Fortum, tired teachers and anti-terror hiring

Thursday's papers include stories on Fortum's Russia risks, exhausted teachers and follow-up on a story about a racist nurse.

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