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Hallinto-oikeus löysi puutteita Napapiirin kaavan valmistelusta, mutta ei kumonnut kaavapäätöstä

Pohjois-Suomen hallinto-oikeuden mukaan asemakaavan valmistelussa ei täysin onnistuttu yrittäjien kuulemisessa.

Researcher: US aiming to influence Finland's ties with China

One researcher told Yle that an influence campaign is also attempting to sway universities in Finland.

Finland needs its own space research centre, gov't report says

A government working group says Finland needs a bigger budget for space-related endeavours.

Davos: Finnish PM says fighting climate change is "opportunity"

PM Sanna Marin said the Arctic's melting ice should not be seen as a business opportunity, but a risk to humanity.

APN Christmas special: How Santa became Finnish

All Points North went to Lapland to find out how one man helped make Santa Claus one of Finland's biggest brands.

Monday's papers: Faltering foreign languages, daycare discontent, appearance angst, Arctic chill

Surveys reveal falloff in foreign languages, dissatisfied daycare staff, anguish over self-image and a frigid forecast.

Climate, Arctic on the agenda as Prime Minister Rinne visits Iceland

The five Nordic prime ministers are to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a working lunch.

Arctic winds chill Finland in July

Polar air flows are cooling eastern Finland in particular this month.

Sámi youth group protests proposed Arctic Railway

Demonstrators warned that recently rekindled plans for an Arctic railroad would have serious consequences.

Ex-Angry Birds marketing chief's involvement in Arctic Railway ruffles feathers in Lapland

The railway project would cost an estimated three billion euros, and planned to be built along 10 different reindeer herding areas.

Arctic Council fails to agree on declaration as US holds out on climate change

Sources involved in the negotiations told Yle News the failure was due to US refusal to agree to a common statement on fighting climate change in the Arctic. 

US Secretary of State slams "aggressive" Russia in Arctic Council speech

Mike Pompeo’s speech in Rovaniemi criticised America’s biggest rivals in the Arctic, but made no mention of the Arctic Council’s top priority: climate change. 

Finland’s Arctic Council chairmanship overshadowed by global tensions

As the 11th Arctic Council ministerial meeting gets underway in Rovaniemi, the last two years of Finnish leadership in the region are under scrutiny. 

Can you get a carton of milk on May Day? Check our holiday reminders

Elves will be working through the holiday from 10.00am to 5.00pm at Santa’s post office in Rovaniemi just south of the Arctic Circle.

Lapland region zones for controversial Arctic rail line

Regional authorities are going ahead with land use planning for a rail line through traditional Sámi reindeer herding areas.

Sanctions, GPS jamming on agenda during bilateral talks between Finnish, Russian presidents

President Sauli Niinistö and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held bilateral talks on the sidelines of the Russia-backed Arctic Forum in St Petersburg.

Niinistö and Putin meet in Russia

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö is in St Petersburg, Russia attending an Arctic Forum where he will meet with Russian President Vladmir Putin on Tuesday.

Finnish president to meet with Putin at Arctic Forum in Russia

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö is heading to St Petersburg, Russia next Tuesday.

Report: Tighter regulations, oversight needed for Arctic mining activity

Environmental protection legislation in many Arctic countries is ambiguous and poorly-enforced, a new report claims.

Yliniemi HS:ssä: Ei metsien hakkuita napapiirin pohjoispuolelle

Matkailuyrittäjä Pertti Yliniemi moittii Metsähallitusta paitsi hakkuista, myös tunturikeskusten tonttien kovista hinnoista.

"Coldest air mass in Europe" brings -38.7 degree winter record

The Finnish Meteorological Institute measured freezing temperatures in Lapland, which broke this winter's record.

Wednesday's papers: Slow assault litigation, robotics in Tampere, Arctic jet set wonderland

Finnish dailies run stories on psychologists worried about children's rights, a massive EU robotics initiative and a Kalevala-themed luxury holiday village.

Sakolla uhkaaminen auttoi: Sotkuinen tontti siivottiin Rovaniemellä

Rovaniemen kaupunki vaati yrittäjää siivoamaan tonttinsa Napapiirillä 8000 euron sakon uhalla.

Finland, Arctic neighbours pledge to reduce black coal emissions

Arctic ministers at the Biodiversity Congress in Lapland said they believe that they can quickly and easily tamp down on the use of black coal.

Hundreds of scientists, leaders in Lapland for Arctic Biodiversity Congress

Scientists, experts and leaders from around the world are in Rovaniemi this week for a meeting that aims to find ways to save the Arctic.

Vuosien vitkuttelu riitti kaupungille: Uhkasakko törkyiselle tontille

Yritys ei ole siivonnut tontin sotkuja useista kehotuksista huolimatta.

Lapista ei pidä tehdä halpaturistikohdetta, sanoo maailman seuratuin suomalaisbloggaaja

Jos myydään rauhaa ja hiljaisuutta, sitä on myös tarjottava, korostaa Tuija Seipell.

Matkailuparlamentissa Levillä pohditaan arktisen matkailun haasteita

Puhetta on muun muassa ympärivuotisuuden kehittämisestä sekä alan työvoimapulasta.

Haluaisitko melontaretkelle yöttömään yöhön Lappiin? Uusi merkitty melontareitti ylittää napapiirin

Melontareitti kulkee 160 kilometriä Kolarista aina Tornionjoelle saakka. Juuri valmistuneella reitillä meloja voi ylittää muun muassa napapiirin.

Putin welcomes Niinistö’s Arctic Summit initiative

In their second meeting this summer, the Finnish and Russian presidents covered a wide range of security and environmental questions.

July heat shatters Finnish record

The month of July in Finland had the highest-ever temperatures recorded by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Saturn to make appearance in Finnish skies on Wednesday

Amateur and professional astronomers in Finland have something to look forward to on Wednesday night.

Nordic Wildflower Day celebrates natural diversity

More than 100 woodland tours are organised in Finland on Sunday to educate people on flower and other plant species.

President Niinistö calls for Arctic Summit – including Russia and US – to tackle black carbon

President Sauli Niinistö has consistently raised the issue of black carbon in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump, among others.

Finland activists aim to carve "Mount Trumpmore" ice sculpture on melting glacier

The environmental activists say their likeness of Donald Trump will be a living symbol of climate change in the Arctic Sea.

Napapiirin asemakaava hyväksyttiin Rovaniemellä

Alueen liikenneturvallisuus lisääntyy, kun jalankulkijat ja auton ohjataan eri reiteille.

Finnish President Niinistö and Trump discuss Arctic, other issues in Monday phone call

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö had a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump on Monday, according to the office of the president.

Emergency supply agency: Planned Arctic rail line would not safeguard supplies in crisis

A planned Arctic Railway near the Russian border would not increase Finland's supply security, says the National Emergency Supply Agency – contrary to the transport minister’s claims.

Niinistö addresses Arctic issues at Munich Security Conference

President Sauli Niinistö will be making the opening statement on Arctic security issues at a gathering of 500 foreign and security policy decision-makers from around the world.

Finnish Foreign Minister to again join US prayer breakfast

Finland's Foreign Minister Timo Soini will speak on behalf of the Arctic Council and Finn Church Aid in the US next week. He also plans to join the National Prayer Breakfast during his visit.

Grönlantilaishiihtäjälle jälleen olympiapaikka – tavoitteena paikka 50 parhaan joukkoon

Martin Möller sivakoi Pyeongchangin olympialaduilla kolme matkaa: skiathlonin, 15 kilometrin vapaan ja 50 kilometrin perinteisen.

Glass igloo photo goes viral: Resort in Finnish Lapland expands to meet demand

An aerial shot of cosy glass igloos glowing in the azure winter hues of northern Finland has been viewed on social media over one billion times around the world. This massive exposure propelled the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort near Saariselkä to invest even more in its expanding business.

Arctic Council set to meet in Oulu

The first meeting of Finland's chairmanship of the Arctic Council will be held this week in Oulu, northern Finland. The focus of Finland's chairmanship will be climate change and sustainable development.

US icebreaker investment could bring €2bn windfall to Finland

The US is planning to acquire several new icebreakers for its Arctic fleet. Although rules prevent it from importing the ships directly, the Finns are counting on US manufacturers needing plenty of expert consultation and parts.

Summer solstice: Wednesday longest day of the year

Even though the calendar day on which the Midsummer holiday falls is this coming Saturday, actual midsummer - or summer solstice, the day of the year with the most hours of sunlight - is today, Wednesday, June 21.

For Lapland hotel, work ethic trumps Finnish language skills

An award-winning Lapland hotel says it hasn’t had any trouble recruiting in the competitive tourism sector. Highly ranked and commended on the online travel site Trivago, Arctic Light Hotel and its management say they are more interested in prospective employees’ work ethic than their ability to speak fluent Finnish.

A late spring is better than an early summer - if you're a bird...or a blueberry bush

Unseasonably cold weather is keeping birds from nesting and delaying the blossoming of wild berry bushes in Finland's north. However, experts say that for the birds and the berries a late spring is better than an early summer interrupted by a cold snap.

Finland looks to put education, environment at top of Arctic agenda

Finland takes over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council from the United States this week. The Finnish government will emphasise action to fight climate change and aim to share expertise in education during its two-year chairmanship of the multilateral body.

Foreign Minister Soini visits Washington en route to Arctic Council summit

Foreign Minister and Finns Party leader Timo Soini will meet his US counterpart Rex Tillerson in Alaska this week, but not before stopping in the American capital.

Temperatures plummet as Arctic air sweeps over Finland

This time last year Finland basked in sunshine and temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees.

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