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Etelä-Karjalan käräjäoikeuden ovi sali 2:een Lappeenrannassa.

Tosi-tv-ohjelmassa esiintyneen miehen oikeudenkäynti alkoi – syytetään törkeästä raiskauksesta

Vireillä ollut syyte nousi julkisuuteen, kun mies esiintyi tv-ohjelmassa.

Nainen potkaisee jalkapalloa

Two Helsinki footballers suspected of serious sexual offences

One Atlantis player is suspected of aggravated rape.

Turun oikeustalon julkisivu.

Man sentenced to 5 years in prison for sexual abuse of children

The majority of the victims were aged nine to 13 and from different parts of Finland.

Kulttuurineuvos Veijo Baltzar

Fourth human trafficking suspect in theatre predator case

Theatre luminary Veijo Baltzar is suspected of aggravated rape and aggravated human trafficking.

Veijo Baltzar

Baltzar suspected of aggravated rape as new victims come forward

Theatre figure Veijo Baltzar is now suspected by police of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual assault.


Survey: No rise in sexual violence in Finland despite uptick in police complaints

Complaints to police have increased but only a small fraction of incidents are reported.

Turun oikeustalon julkisivu.

12-year jail sentence for man convicted of child sex abuse

The defendant was found guilty of aggravated child sexual abuse offences committed in Finland and abroad.

lapsen silhouetti keinussa

Ex-church councillor among four charged in violent child sex abuse ring

Police said that a central aspect of the suspects' modus operandi involved inflicting harm and violence on children.

Kerrostalo helsingin Laajasalossa.

Two face charges in Laajasalo sexual abuse cases

The main suspect, who has been in custody since March, is suspected of drugging girls before sexually assaulting them.

Poliisin virkamerkki.

Helsinki man held on suspicion of multiple child sex offences

Police have released an image of the suspect in order to encourage other victims and witnesses to come forward.

Oulun käräjäoikeus

Oulu court hands down last sentences in string of 2018 sex crimes

The eight convicts were sentenced to prison terms ranging between two and four and a half years.

Oulun oikeustalo.

District court dismisses charges against Oulu rape suspect

The acquittal is not related to another series of rape cases in the northwest city involving eight defendants.

Miestä vastaan on nostettu syytteet törkeästä lapsen seksuaalisesta hyväksikäytöstä ja törkeästä raiskauksesta.

Oulu sex abuse trial begins

The trial of a suspected child abuser began on Tuesday in Oulu.

Lakikirjan sivu liittyen lapsen seksuaaliseen hyväksikäyttöön.

Tougher punishments for sexual abuse to take effect next week

The maximum sentence for sexual abuse of a child will go up from four years to six years in prison.

Oulun oikeustalo.

Oulu court remands man for aggravated rape of 17-year-old

A sex crime case dating back nearly two years is the latest to be revealed involving a minor in the northern Finnish city of Oulu.

oulun kaupungintalo

New charges in Oulu sexual abuse cases

Prosecutors have filed charges in a case of sexual crimes believed to have taken place between July and October of last year.


Yet another suspected sexual abuse case in Oulu

The latest case emerged while police were looking into allegations reported a day earlier.

Poliisiauto Oulussa.

Two new suspected cases of child sexual abuse in Oulu

Oulu police have held one individual in connection with the new allegations.

Oulun oikeustalo

Man suspected of child sex abuse to be extradited from Germany to Finland

The 25-year-old man is expected to be remanded by Oulu District Court on Friday.

Poliisiauto Oulussa.

Sex crime probes advance in Helsinki, Oulu

Helsinki District Court on Wednesday ordered a man suspected of aggravated rape and child sexual exploitation crimes to be held in remand custody.

poliisi poliisiauton edessä

Helsinki police detain three on suspicion of child sex offences

Police said that all of the suspects have foreign backgrounds.

Poliisiaseman kyltti Frankfurtissa.

German police release suspect in Oulu underage sex abuse case after communication glitch

The suspect was freed before he could be transferred to Finnish authorities.


Supreme Court denies appeal in sexual abuse of 10-year-old

Finland’s Supreme Court ruled that the appropriate charge was aggravated sexual abuse rather than rape and upheld the lower courts' three-year prison sentence.

Antti Häkkänen

Justice Minister to push for tougher punishments for child sex crimes

Finland's Justice Minister, Antti Häkkänen, says he wants stronger punishments for sex offenses against children.


Members of Cuba's volleyball team detained on rape suspicions

Eight Cuban men have been taken into custody on suspicion of aggravated rape at a Tampere hotel. Police say they usually do not comment on such cases at this stage, but decided to do so to quash speculation that the players had defected or disappeared.