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Thursday's papers: Kulmuni advisor payout, Covid minority risks, and strawberry price advice

Newspapers look at the optimal way to stock up on strawberries. 

Ministry proposes further action in Kulmuni training scandal

A ministry report named the former minister's special advisor Kari Jääskeläinen as the subject of further investigation.

Friday’s papers: PM defends advisers, climate measures face pushback, and more councils depend on Helsinki region

Friday’s newspapers include a stout defence of the government’s employment of more special advisers.

Finnish Justice Ministry's special advisor Mäkinen steps down amid corruption probe

The Finnish Justice Ministry's special adviser Tapani Mäkinen announced his resignation on Tuesday, saying he cannot carry out his duties due to a police investigation concerning him.

Yle survey finds sexual harassment is relatively common in parliament

An Yle survey of advisors and staff in Finnish parliament has found that more than one-in-ten have experienced sexual harassment.