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IS: Nesa knew about debt problems when it gave mask contract

The masks purchased in the 10 million euros deal were found to be unfit for use by medical professionals.

Stockpile boss: Payday lender's masks all unusable

The masks were pulled from use last Friday over complaints of allergic reactions and a strange odour.

Sub-standard masks cause allergic reactions, removed from use

The masks were taken out of use after workers reported allergic reactions. 

Friday's papers: Coronavirus mortality rate, mask scandal and toilet trouble

The press examines Finland's adjusted coronavirus mortality rate, Onni Sarmaste's firm and Helsinki's clogged toilets.

Stockpile agency turns to police over botched 10m-euro PPE deals

The agency said it has also moved to void the related sales contracts and recover some of the money it handed over.

Emergency Supply Agency officials suspended over mask debacle

An external probe of the case is to wrap up on Tuesday.

IS: PM Marin 'loses confidence' in agency boss behind bungled mask deals

Tomi Lounema admitted paying millions of euros for substandard equipment.

Agency boss admits paying out millions of euros without getting hospital-grade PPE

Finland has struggled to source hospital-grade personal protection equipment. 

Minister orders probe into bungled face mask procurement

Finland ordered two million face masks that were not up to scratch.