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Yliopistovaltaus Helsingin yliopistolla 28.9.2023.

APN Podcast: Fights for rights across Finland

The show hears how the right-wing government's austerity plans are springing workers and students into action.

Carita Vuorenpää ja Lotta Lantto leikkausalihoitajat Jorvin sairaalan Anestesia- ja leikkausosasto K 23. heinäkuuta 2020.

APN Podcast: Is Finland ready for foreign nurses?

This week's podcast looks at integration issues foreign nurses face in the Finnish healthcare system.

Kaksi naalia nuolevat toisiaan.

APN Podcast: The fight to save Finnish wildlife

This week's show unearths some good news on the biodiversity front.

 Rasismi teemainen AOP kuva Yle Newsin: Is racism still a problem in Finland?  Kuvassa nykyisen hallituksen ministereitä.

APN Podcast: Sorry not sorry? Finland wrestles with racism

This week's podcast asks whether Finland's government is doing enough to deal with racism.


APN Podcast: How do you find an affordable apartment in Finland?

The All Points North podcast picks apart Finland's real estate market and asks if this is a time to buy or rent.

Ihminen katsoo ilmoitustaulua.

APN Podcast: Should jobseekers get lower benefits if they don't know Finnish?

This week the All Points North podcast explores the government's proposal to tie benefit levels to Finnish language skills.

Photo shows a child walking towards a school, with the All Points North logo in the left hand corner.

APN Podcast: Does the Finnish school system support every child?

As schoolchildren across the country settle back into classrooms after the long summer break, APN looks into the issue of inclusion in Finnish schools.

Photo shows Riikka Purra speaking at a press conference, with the All Points North logo in the bottom left corner.

APN Podcast: Finland's stormy summer of political scandals

The All Points North podcast reviews a summer of political turbulence in Finland as a series of racism and far-right scandals rocked the newly-formed coalition government.


APN Podcast: Foreigners protest as Finland turns right

This week's special episode on the new government explores how the right-wing coalition will change Finland.


APN Podcast: Can summer be free and fun in Finland?

In Finland park lunches are free for school-age children, but some are excluded because of the menu.

Photo shows the silhouette of an unidentified woman.

APN Podcast: Is it time for Finland to ban conversion therapy?

This week APN opens up a citizens’ initiative at the heart of a second attempt to ban conversion therapy in Finland.

All points north -logo ja ostoksia kassan hihnalla.

APN Podcast: Immigration deals and incentive traps

In this week's show we ask who won and who lost in the incoming government's deal on immigration.

All points north-logo

APN Podcast: Dreaming of Finnish countryside life? Then swipe right

This week's episode hears about an innovative attempt to reverse Finland's rural flight. APN also catches up on make-or-break government formation talks as well as the battle to save an iconic Helsinki skatepark.

All points north-otsikkokuva

APN Podcast: Finland's English-language conundrum

This week's show hears from a group of parents fighting to keep their children in an international school, learns about an innovative attempt to reach Russian gamers, and looks ahead to Finland's cha cha chances at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Kuvassa lapsi kännykän kanssa ja All Points North-logo.

APN Podcast: Why is Finland so relaxed about kids using smartphones?

A citizen's initiative is trying to get stricter rules banning smartphone usage during the school day. The APN podcast explores the issue.

Tyhjä luokkahuone.

"This will decide your entire future" — English-speaking kids hampered by Finnish education bottleneck

Limited places at English-language upper secondary schools and vocational colleges leave many 15-year-olds facing stark choices when they finish 9th grade.

Koulureppuja koulun käytävän lattialla. Oppilaat kävelevät reppujen ohi.

APN podcast: Is Finland leaving English-speaking kids behind?

The All Points North podcast explores what fierce competition for English-language high school places means for those left behind.

Petteri Orpo juhlii vaalivoittoa.

APN Podcast post-election special: Exit Marin, enter Orpo

Sanna Marin is set to leave the Prime Minister's office for the next four years, but what kind of government will replace hers? The All Points North podcast looks at all the issues arising from Finland's parliamentary election.

Sumeaksi jäävä henkilö kävelee vaalikylttien ohitse torilla. Kuvassa All Points North -logo.

APN podcast: Parliamentary election special

We dive into the big issues as Finland heads to the polls on Sunday 2 April.

Ihmisiä istuu nurmikolla kukkivien kirsikkapuiden alla. Kuvassa "All points North" -logo.

APN podcast: How happy is Finland?

This week All Points North asks if urban planning makes Finland a happier place to live, hears how Finland's protracted Nato accession has suddenly gathered pace, and counts down to parliamentary elections.

All Points North main photo.

APN podcast: Finland's international talent brain drain

This week All Points North asks why many international students and foreign workers in Finland say they are planning to leave in the near future.

Människor sitter på bänkar vid vatten. Vid vattnet finns flera höghus.

Mortgage interest uncertainty weighing on your mind? Here's how to manage the costs

The main Euribor rates have been rising for over a year, before a dramtic drop on Tuesday, and that has translated into increased costs for borrowers in Finland.

All Points North logo kuvassa, jossa luentosali.

APN Podcast: When Finnish education export dreams turn sour

Kenyan students face uncertainty over Finnish education export chaos.

Anneli Auer ja All Points North-logo.

APN Podcast: Anneli Auer and Finland's crime of the century

Why is Finland's grisliest homicide—and widow Anneli Auer—back in the news?

Isän ja vauvaikäisen lapsen kuva kännykän ruudulla varustettuna All Points North logolla.

APN podcast: Finland's FaceTime fathers

All Points North asks why Finland is deporting some foreign parents of Finnish kids.

Kuvituskuva kantasoluhoito tutkimuksesta laboratoriossa All Points North logolla.

APN Podcast: Intercultural stem cell donors needed

Stem cell treatments can save lives — but the chances of success are greatest if the donor is a close genetic match for the patient. If the patient's parents are from different countries, that match gets more difficult to find.

Lapsi keinuu pää alaspäin pihalla.

APN podcast: Finland flunks Finnish teaching selection

Finnish schools have separate Finnish-language teaching for students who need extra help — but often pupils are sent there when they don't need it.

An image of protestors setting fire to the Swedish flag outside the Swedish consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

APN podcast: Will Finland join Nato without Sweden?

This week's show asks if Finland can complete Nato accession without its Nordic neighbour, delves into the government’s energy subsidies, and learns more about Finland’s mysterious naming committee.

File photo of a person typing on a laptop keyboard.

APN podcast: Is Finland losing the disinformation war?

This week's show looks into THL's decision to quit Twitter, ponders a feisty start to the 2023 parliamentary election campaign, and learns about life in Lapland during the long polar night.

picture of tax office window

APN podcast: Finland's energy bill relief

The All Points North podcast finds out how you can use your income taxes to offset electricity costs.

Kuvakombo, jossa on kuvat Sanna Marinista, Ukrainalaisista sotilaista, Naton tunnuksesta ja Vladimir Putinista.

Partygate, Nato, and Russia: The most-read Yle News stories of 2022

From drug-testing Prime Ministers to dramatic moves in foreign policy, here are the stories that drew the largest audiences in 2022.

All Poinths North -podcastin Year in Review -kuvakollaasi.

APN podcast: Finland's 2022 in review

Join Yle News' All Points North podcast for a month-by-month journey through Finland's year in news.

Perinteisiä jouluruokia lautasella sekä All Points North-logo.

APN Podcast: What's your Very Finnish Christmas problem?

Finnish Christmas food is a much-loved delicacy. So why is it only eaten once a year?

All Points North main photo 15.12.2022

APN podcast: Is Migri fit for purpose?

Yle News' podcast turns its spotlight onto how the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) processes permits for foreign nationals, as government ministers join calls for the agency to be reformed.

Itsenäisyyspäivän mielenosoitus 6.12.2022 ja All Points North-logo.

APN podcast: Is Finland seeing increased extremism?

This week Yle News' podcast probes the significance of Independence Day protests and learns that some long Covid patients in Finland are telling doctors they're depressed to access benefits.


APN podcast: Finding work and destigmatising Aids

This week the podcast looks at what it's like to live with Aids in Finland.


APN podcast: "The house was stone cold"

This week APN hears about a listener's troubles with their energy supplier. We also ask if boycotting the World Cup in Qatar makes sense and if labour immigration is the panacea Finnish politicians are hoping it will be.

Kuvassa istuu valkoisen pöydän ääressä joukko Aalto-yliopiston arkkitehtuuriopiskelijoita. Osalla opiskelijoista on kannettavat tietokoneet edessään pöydällä.

APN podcast: Foreign student numbers at record high — but will they stay?

The labour market can be challenging in Finland, but early work experience in the private sector can be a big help.

All points north logo and forest photograph

APN podcast: Finland's climate choices

This week's show asks if Finland's climate rhetoric is matched by practical action on the ground. 

All Points North Logo on a photo of airplane window.

APN podcast: Is Finland's attitude towards China changing?

Yle News' podcast hears about Finland's evolving view on China and learns what a Finnair carbon offset project looks like on the ground in India.

Siivooja työntää siivouskärryä.

APN podcast: Has Finland's immigrant employment rate really risen?

This week All Points North hears about increased efforts to find jobs for foreigners in Finland and also discovers the origins and effects of "Rally English."

Lähiopetusta luokkahuoneessa.

APN podcast: Why is Finland no longer top of the class?

This week's show asks what has happened to the Finnish education miracle, hears tough talk from Finland's political leaders, and catches up with efforts to save a highly-endangered seal.

all points north teemakuva

APN podcast: Who wins, who loses when groceries cost more?

This week's show finds out how social media is impacting family size in Finland and explores the country's supermarket duopoly, which is one of the most concentrated in the world.

Venäjältä Suomeena saapuvia matkustajia menossa rajatarkastukseen.

APN podcast: What's happening at Finland's Russian border?

The show dives into Baltic blasts, scrutinises security on the Russian border and hears from foreigners learning Finnish from each other.

Headphones and iPhone tuned to Yle News' All Points North podcast

How to listen to Yle News' All Points North podcast

Yle News' flagship weekly podcast All Points North is available from a number of different sources.

Väkijoukko jonottaa Suomen viisumikeskukseen. Etualalla mies lukee kännykkäänsä.

APN podcast: Gas and tourists—Making sense of Finland's relationship with Russia

On this week's show, we follow the trail of Finland's gas shipments from Russia and ask why Finland is still granting visas to Russian tourists.

All Points North-logo kuvassa, jossa oppilaat tutkivat kuvakortteja.

APN podcast: Is Finland teaching Finnish to foreigners the right way?

This week's show looks into how adult immigrants learn Finnish in Finland, hears about internship challenges for international students and looks ahead to Finland's biggest film festival.

APN podcast logo featuring man on phone in downtown helsinki Arttu Timonen Yle

APN podcast: Is English enough in Finland?

All Points North hears about some of the struggles Ukrainians face at a reception centre in rural Finland, and also asks what is being done to help foreigners into jobs.

all points north theme picture

APN Podcast: Finland's autumn of discontent

With inflation rates and energy prices rising to record levels, severe staff shortages in the healthcare sector, and Finland's Nato accession reaching a critical juncture, All Points North looks ahead to an autumn of domestic turmoil.

Wille Rydman All Points North

APN podcast: Finland's Midsummer political storm

The All Points North podcast hears how a MeToo scandal is rocking Finnish politics.

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