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5g tukiasema Kumpulantie 5:n katolla Helsingissä.

5G-yhteydet laajenevat Kymenlaaksossa ensi vuoden puolella

Kymenlaaksossa on kolmen operaattorin 5G-yhteyksiä. Uudistusten myötä verkon kapasiteetti paranee. 3G poistuu käytöstä ensi vuonna.

Couriers from delivery firm Wolt ride scooters along Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki, featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: A Wolt from the blue

The All Points North podcast considers what to take away from one of the biggest deals in Finnish business history.

Photo of healthcare worker adjusting a hospital examination lamp, featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Haphazard healthcare and Finland's CV secrets

The All Points North podcast asks why a Helsinki resident struggled so much to access emergency HIV prevention drugs.

Photo of construction workers on escalators, featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Is there a foreigner wage gap?

Yle News' All Points North podcast asks if foreigners get paid less than Finns.

Photograph of Helsinki Cathedral featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Can Helsinki become an English-speaking city?

This week's show also asks why Finland forces some kids to study religion in school and explores the story of a fallen hero.

Photo collage of a pedestrian crossing traffic light, featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: How can Finland improve the integration process?

We look into the Finnish evacuation operation in Afghanistan as well as the challenges many people face when relocating to Finland.

Video still of two rifles pointed from the back of a vehicle driving along a road in Afghanistan featuring the All Points North Podcast logo.

APN podcast: Afghan dilemmas and climate questions

Can Finland help Afghans as their country is taken over by the Taliban?

Barn med mobil.

Outokummussa, Kontiolahdella ja Liperissä käyttöön 5G-verkko – mobiilidatan käyttö kasvaa vauhdilla

Tietoliikenneyhtiö Elisa on kasvattanut mobiili- ja kiinteän verkon yhteyksiään alkuvuoden aikana muun muassa Joensuussa Karhunmäen, Outokummussa Viitajoen, Liperissä Jyrinkylän ja Kontiolahdella Lamminrannan alueilla.

Photo of a seaside dock featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Winners, losers, bug poison and nipple freedom

This week's All Points North podcast looks at election fallout and the coming summer.

Photo of man looking at municipal election posters in Tornio, featuring All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Finland heads to the polls and hopes for goals

All Points North looks ahead to a busy weekend as voters cast their ballots and footballers go to the UEFA finals.

Photo of French toast breakfast featuring the All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: The Prime Minister's breakfast and foreign students in limbo

All Points North lifts the lid on the breakfastgate scandal and talks to foreign students struggling to travel to Finland.

Sanna Marin

APN election edition: Sanna Marin

The PM told the All Points North podcast that women in Finland from non-majority backgrounds face many hurdles.

All Points North Episode 18, 2021

APN podcast: Election debates and crowds during Covid

This week's podcast asked why events are lagging behind bars and pubs in the return to a post-Covid normal. 

internships, migri

APN podcast: Internship troubles and Migri reform

All Points North follows up on an online controversy in Finland surrounding internship culture.

Photo of Prime Minister Sanna Marin (in middle) and members of her government featuring All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Finland's Brexit blunders and the art of compromise

APN asks why Brits in Finland are having trouble accessing public services and why budget talks were so difficult.

All Points North 22 April 2021

APN Podcast: Migrant labour helpline calls jump during Covid

A labour helpline for migrants saw calls increase by 20 percent during the pandemic.

Photo of people queuing outside Finnish Immigration Service featuring All Points North podcast logo.

APN podcast: Waiting in the cold, voting rights and housing loans

This week's podcast asks why Migri is making people line up outside their offices for hours in frigid weather

Matkailuauto lähestyy sulaa asvalttitietä pitkin, ympärillä näkyy lumisia peltoja.

Mobile data reveals Easter traffic brisk, but less busy than usual

Statistics from Telia show while people travelled from Uusimaa over the break, it was still less than in previous years.

Movement Now chair Hjallis Harkimo.

APN election edition: Harry Harkimo

Movement Now's leader and sole MP, Harry "Hjallis" Harkimo, made the jump from The Apprentice to politics.

sari essayah apn

APN election edition: Sari Essayah

All Points North asks the leader of the Christian Democrats how her party's values interact with local politics.

Left Alliance chair Li Andersson.

APN election edition: Li Andersson

Left Alliance leader and Education Minister Li Andersson talks Covid and schools with All Points North.


APN election edition: Anna-Maja Henriksson

The All Points North podcast asks why non-Swedish speakers would vote for the Swedish People's Party.

Ihmisiä hissijonossa Kittilän Levillä helmikuussa 2021.

Traffic, mobile data show winter holidaymakers not deterred by worsening Covid situation

There were as many--or even more--people travelling domestically this week compared to the same period last year, data reveals.

Photo of Green Party chair Maria Ohisalo, featuring All Points North podcast logo.

APN election edition: Maria Ohisalo

All Points North asked the Green League leader how she felt about the interior minister's job.


APN election edition: Jussi Halla-aho

All Points North asked the Finns Party chair why his supporters have said they're reluctant to get the Covid vaccine.

All Points North Podcast logo featuring photo of woman at laptop computer.

APN Podcast: Who gets to have a hobby during Covid?

All Points North explores limits on kids' hobbies and how the pandemic is normalising cross-border telework.

Photo of vaccine kit featuring Yle News' All Points North Podcast logo

APN Podcast: Vaccinating Finland

Finland's vaccine rollout has been slower than hoped, but things might pick up soon.

Nainen tonttulakki päässään odottaa metroa.

Mobile data shows more people stayed put over Christmas

There were about 15 percent fewer trips this year compared to previous years, according to Traffic Management Finland.

All Points North podcast logo featuring photo of Santa Claus taken in Lapland 2019.

APN Podcast year-end special: What happened in 2020 (apart from Covid)?

Join All Points North for a look at the stories from a tumultuous year in Finland.

Yle News' All Points North podcast logo featuring a file photo taken in Helsinki city centre, October 2020.

APN Podcast: Covid economy job tips and Finland's football fail

APN offers insights for finding -- and keeping -- a job against the background of a bleak labour market forecast.

Yle News' All Points North podcast logo featuring photo of influenza vaccine.

APN Podcast: Youth crime and Covid vaccines

This week's podcast explores media storms around youth crime, child welfare in Finland and the good news on a Covid vaccine.

All Points North podcast US Elections episode 2020

APN Podcast: US election angst, residency rights missteps and outlawing circumcision

The outcome of the US presidential election is a hot topic everywhere -- including on APN.


APN Podcast: Damning data breach, Covid-safe sports and daylight saving

A data hacking case affecting up to 40,000 people has been making global headlines.

All Points North podcast logo feature photo of drive-in Covid testing site in Helsinki in October 2020.

APN Podcast: Power divide in Helsinki, long Covid and dirty money

We look at political inequities in Helsinki, 'long Covid' sufferers' support and a businessman in court for dirty money.

Pääministeri Sanna Marin saapui Säätytalolle Helsingissä 29. syyskuuta 2020.

APN Podcast: Sote, remote work, Kiuru and yet more face masks

This week's All Points North podcast tried to untangle the threads from a messy week in coronavirus politics. 

All Points North podcast logo featuring photo of Extinction Rebellion protesters on Saturday 3 October, 2020.

APN Podcast: When can police use force against protests?

This week APN looked at the use of pepper spray against climate protesters. 

All Points North podcast logo featuring photo of a pub.

APN Podcast: Will face masks and a pub curfew slow down Covid acceleration?

On this week's podcast APN looks at how Finland is reacting to an upsurge in Covid cases.

All Points North podcast 24.09.2020

APN Podcast: "I got cold chills" — Parents elated over language teaching win

Education officials in Jyväskylä decided to increase education funding rather than axe heritage language services.

All Points North podcast logo featuring photo of House of the Estates in Helsinki

APN Podcast: Sorting the wheat from the chaff in the 'budget barn'

Finland's government decided on the 2021 state budget this week, and in this week's podcast we discussed the fallout.

All Points North podcast logo featuring photo of dog

APN Podcast: Is Finland getting serious about immigration?

A new report wants Finland to draw up a clear plan for immigration.

All Points North podcast logo featuring Finland's coronavirus tracing app in use at shopping mall

APN Podcast: Finland launches contact tracing app--but not in English, yet

Why was Finland likened to a totalitarian state this week and what's preventing some from using the Covid tracing app?

All points North logo

APN podcast: Can Finland still afford to fight climate change?

This week All Points North covers everything from the clandestine world of skin lightening cosmetics to geopolitics.

Photo of Helsinki schoolyard featuring Yle News' All Points North logo

APN Podcast: Back to school and hobbies as Finland finally rolls out mask guidelines

A long-trailed recommendation to use masks in public came after weeks of speculation.

Ilmakuva sydämen muotoisesta lammesta metsässä

APN Podcast: Face masks and forests on holiday agenda in Finland

Domestic holidays offer the benefit of silence, when not listening to podcasts.

Sanna Marin

APN podcast: PM Marin and what really went down in Brussels

Sanna Marin says the EU's decision on joint borrowing is a one-off but there might be lasting changes to its budgeting.

All Points North podcast logo

Business lobby: 90% of foreign entrepreneurs in Finland in trouble

This week our podcast explores how the pandemic is disproportionately affecting people of foreign background in Finland.

Puhelin nuoren kädessä

Data usage rises steeply in Finland but electricity costs hold steady

A new study suggests that electricity costs did not rise because streaming services use data centres in other countries.


"I'm free": Finland adapts to the less-distanced life

This week our All Points North podcast looks at social distancing fatigue in Finland as the weather warms.

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