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Lenin patsas Lenin-museossa.

Tampere listed among top 10 unknown vacation spots

When the budget airline Ryanair announced that it would begin flying to Osijek in eastern Croatia, the British paper the Telegraph compiled a list of the airline’s other little-known destinations -- including Tampere in Finland.

Alexander Stubb

Stubb: Tuomioja's statements detrimental

According to Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb, remarks on the euro made by Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja to The Telegraph do not represent those of the Finnish government and are detrimental to Finland's own position.

Erkki Tuomioja.

Tuomioja's euro remarks in British newspaper raise eyebrows

Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja has told Yle that the British newspaper The Telegraph placed a misleading headline on an interview with him on the future of the euro. In the article, Tuomioja said Europe must openly face the possibility of a break-up of the euro.

Mies rämpii suopotkupallon MM-kisoissa 2012

Watch: Swamp soccer worlds bring curious foreigners to Kainuu

The World Swamp soccer championships are underway in Hyrnysalmi, Kainuu. Some 5,000 players will form 500 teams competing to become the global leaders in a sport that is a distant cousin of regular, grass-based football.

Messages During the War

From November 30, 1939 until March 13, 1940, FInland battled with the Soviet Union over its eastern territories. The Finnish Defence Forces' website has a sample of telegrams sent during the 105-day war. The war messages are drawn from Markku Onttonen's documentary series Talvisodan henki (The Spirit of the Winter War).