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Kelan järjestelmävirhe jätti yli 8 000 asiakirjaa huomioimatta muutoksenhakijoilta – päätöksissä voi olla virheitä

Vika jylläsi Kelan systeemissä vajaat kaksi vuotta ja koski kaikkiaan yli 400:aa tapausta.

Helsinki city councillor apologises for false story about abusive taxi passenger

The SDP politician told daily Helsingin Sanomat that he had circulated an untrue story because he "was angry".

Police seek public assistance on Joensuu and Järvenpää incidents

On Sunday authorities are investigating an apparent killing in Joensuu, a shooting in Järvenpää and a group fight in Salo.

Two hurt in downtown Helsinki shooting, police say

Two people were injured in a shooting incident Tuesday, police said they have apprehended one suspect and are investigating.

Vandals hurl smoke bomb at window of Oulu mosque

It was the ninth time that the mosque had been targeted by vandals, according to Imam Abdul Mannan.

Man suspected of sticking nails into protein bars

The incident in a Helsinki grocery store was captured on security camera.

Käräjäoikeuksien it-ongelmat ratkaistu – osa työntekijöistä ei päässyt kirjautumaan tietojärjestelmiin eilen

Ongelmia havaittiin pitkin maata, esimerkiksi vuodenvaihteessa muodostetussa Itä-Uudenmaan käräjäoikeudessa.

Niinistö calls for independent probe into Russia’s standoff with Ukraine

President Niinistö said he expects Russia to comply with international agreements and permit free movement of ships in the Kerch Strait, off the Crimean coast.

Police investigate five cars apparently torched in Espoo

Police are asking for members of the public to come forward if they have any information about the incidents.

Sixth graders find woman's body in woods near Turku school

Local police confirmed that two boys found the body of a woman in her late thirties in a forested area by the Haarla primary school in Turku on Tuesday morning.

Forssalainen teinipoika huijasi nettikasinolta neljännesmiljoonan

Nuorukaista syytetään törkeästä petoksesta. Hän hyödynsi nettirahapeliyhtiön järjestelmävirhettä satoja kertoja.

Handelsbankenin asiakas järkyttyi: Nettipankkiin kolahti pikkuostoksesta yli 100 000 euron lasku

Pankin mukaan virheellisiä laskuja on lähtenyt jopa 3 000 asiakkaalle järjestelmävirheen takia.

Finland's safety investigators recommend measures to prevent radicalisation of asylum seekers

A team from the Safety Investigation Authority has completed a report on the deadly knife attack in Turku and how Finland could prevent similar incidents.

Odotatko tietoa lapsesi päiväkotipaikasta? Se saattaa tulla "etanapostissa"

Helsingin kaupungilla on tietoteknisiä ongelmia ja siksi se turvautuu tavalliseen postiin.

Verkko-ongelmat riivaavat yhä helsinkiläiskouluja: Kaupunki perusti kriisiryhmän

Verkon ongelmat vaikeuttavat kaikkien Helsingin koulujen koulutyötä lukuun ottamatta ammatillista koulutusta ja varhaiskasvatusta. Ongelmien syy on edelleen pimennossa.

1000 lukiolaisen koeviikko hankaloitui – digitaaliseksi muutetuissa kokeissa ongelmia

Kieltenkokeissa oppilaat joutuivat odottelemaan kokeen aloittamista tietoteknisten ongelmien takia kolmena päivänä.

HUSilla uusia ongelmia tietotekniikassa – syytä selvitetään

Helsingin ja Uudenmaan sairaanhoitopiiri tutkii uusia tietoteknisiä ongelmia. Kotihakemistopalvelu ruuhkautui maanantaina, ja työasemat toimivat hitaasti.

Heroic tourist: Man who fought off Turku knife attacker may never walk again

In just a few moments of bloody violence on an August Friday afternoon in Turku, Hassan Zubier's life changed forever. The Swedish national has been hailed as a hero for helping one victim and protecting others from injury in a deadly knife attack that rocked the city -- and the country. Zubier did not escape the harrowing incident without injury - he may never walk on his own again.

Two dead, several injured in Turku knife attack

Two people were killed and eight more injured in a knife attack on Friday afternoon in Turku. Police shot and apprehended a suspect shortly after the attack began. Investigators say it is not yet clear whether or not the attack was terror-related.

Immigration spot check: Prosecutor charges Finnish rap star's mother, sister

Helsinki prosecutors say they have separately charged two women - the mother and sister of Finnish rap artist Musta Barbaari - with disobeying a public official and refusing to follow police orders. According to the prosecutor the charges stem from an incident in downtown Helsinki last summer when the women allegedly refused to provide ID to plainclothes officers during a spot check for illegal immigrants.

Tuesday’s papers: Minister powerless, over-keen cloudberry picking, and carphone contrasts

The press on Tuesday has stories on the fallout from Friday’s hit-and-run incident, berry picking shenanigans, and a guilty secret many Finns apparently share.

Poliisi vakuuttaa nettisivujen kaatumisen jälkeen – "Mikäli passihakemuksesta on tullut kuittaus, hakemus on saapunut perille"

Poliisin verkkosivujen sähköinen asiointi oli alhaalla maanantaista perjantaihin tietoteknisten ongelmien takia. Poliisin mukaan syynä ei ole kyberhyökkäys.

Poliisin sähköiset palvelut toimivat taas

Tiistaina alkanut vika saatiin kuntoon tänään perjantai-iltapäivänä.

Police probe apparent arson at asylum seekers' camp

Police are investigating the case as possible vandalism, with the presumption that an outsider attempted to set the tent on fire.

Police Commissioner: Hate crimes in rapid rise

Police say there has been an upsurge in reports of hate crime incidents, and that only around a fifth of hate speech incidents are reported.

Finland declares Christmas Peace amid security concerns

Finland’s oldest city, Turku, declared the Christmas Peace at noon Saturday in the midst of security concerns after last Monday's deadly truck attack in Berlin. The 700 year-old tradition signals the official start of Christmas celebrations in Finland.

Finnish political leaders extend condolences following Berlin attack

Finnish political leaders offered condolences to the families of an estimated 12 people killed when a truck ploughed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. Foreign Minister Timo Soini said that the incident bore similarities to an attack in Nice in July, in which 86 people died.

Wednesday's papers: Sipilä's Talvivaara love-in, electricity supply concerns

On Wednesday the papers cover the fallout from Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's visit to the Terrafame mine on Monday, along with speculation about how Finland will cover its electricity needs this winter--and who will pay.

Tuesday's papers: The fate of returnees, climate and energy concerns, abusive train conductor

Among the items in the newspaper press on Tuesday was a feature by Helsingin Sanomat attempting to verify stories of the torture and murder of rejected asylum seekers who returned to Iraq.

Monday's papers: Tech problems for voters and pensioners, drug crimes, and more about Trump

Among the items in the morning newspaper press were security concerns about electronic voting, the potential for a whole generation to be left behind by online services, and ripples from the US presidential elections.

Communications watchdog: Criminals behind home automation system cyber attack

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority Ficora says that a cyber attack that disrupted home automation systems in Lappeenranta, southeast Finland, was the work of criminals. The incident caused services such as heating to restart when web traffic overloaded the capacity of computers controlling the systems.

Police confirm reports of "creepy clowns" spreading

Rumours and reports of people dressed as clowns frightening people, including children, have surfaced in a number of communities from Helsinki in the south to Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. Police are reminding potential pranksters that intentionally inducing fear can be a criminal offense.

Finnair thwarts attempted frequent flyer point-stealing scam

Finland's national airline Finnair has announced that it had foiled an attempted scam of its frequent flyer programme Finnair Plus. Finnair said that the perpetrators had succeeded in acquiring the frequent flyer points of 16 Finnair Plus members but said the points have since been returned to their rightful owners.

Posti tries to unravel mystery of abandoned mail in Helsinki

Posti officials said Tuesday that they had contacted police about hundreds of undelivered mail lying on the street in Lauttasaari, western Helsinki. On Monday Posti found that mail belonging to some 400 households had been seen abandoned on the sidewalk. A similar incident occured last Friday.

Thursday's papers: Russian missile details, rising taxes, Helsinki island's Pokémon Go problem

Many of Finland's newspapers on Thursday covered new developments in the story about Finland's role in the investigation of the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukraine two years ago. Another paper looks at which taxes will rise next year. A landmark island in Helsinki is having problems accommodating tens of thousands of Pokémon Go players.

Wednesday's papers: Missile 'bombshell', MP's email procreation, and Finland's loneliness problem

Wednesday's newspapers include stories on Finland's role in the MH17 investigation, an unusual story about one MP's decision to start a family, and an academic's campaign against loneliness in Finland.

Police: Victims in Kajaani fatal mugging chosen at random

Police investigating a murder allegedly committed by two asylum seekers in Kajaani say the suspects appear to have selected their victims at random.

Police: Preliminary investigation into MP's anti-Muslim comments complete

Police say that the preliminary investigation - about comments which Finns Party MP Teuvo Hakkarainen made on his Facebook page in July which were allegedly anti-Muslim in nature - is now complete. The incident was not the first time he's been investigated by law enforcement for comments about refugees and other minority groups.

Police brace for anti-racism demo, counter-protests

Helsinki police are looking to head off possible confrontations between anti-racism demonstrators and counter-protests expected in the downtown area on Saturday. Officials say that so far five organisations have indicated their intention to take to the streets in the city centre.

Police: Helsinki assailant a founding member of neo-Nazi group

Police confirmed on that Monday the suspected assailant who turned himself in following the death of a man at a neo-Nazi demonstration is a founding member of the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement and reportedly has a violent background. The case has spawned broad condemnation from the government and opposition leaders.

Academic: Kids' unrestricted use of smart devices a health time bomb

Children who spend extended periods hunched over smartphones and other devices could be setting themselves up for serious problems later on. According to emeritus Professor Veikko Louhevaara from the University of Eastern Finland, a combination of poor posture and reduced physical exercise could see a future spike in related ailments in young adults, even resulting in the inability to work.

Police arrest two Iraqi asylum seekers on suspicion of manslaughter, robbery

Police in Kajaani, northern Finland have detained two Iraqi men believed to be asylum seekers on suspicion of committing robbery and manslaughter. The men were held separately - one in the Otanmäki district and the other in Kajaani city centre. Police say the men did not resist arrest.

Rescuing restaurant leftovers – one meal at a time

It's often difficult for restaurant managers and owners to know how much food to prepare for any given day. All too often, lots of perfectly good food gets thrown in the bin. But a Finnish startup has a solution to the problem.

Tuesday’s papers: Students suffer from university cutbacks, distance education for sick building syndrome sufferers, and drunk and disorderly policeman receives promotion

Stories covered in Tuesday's printed press include the difficulties of finding teachers at the University of Helsinki following massive staff lay-offs, how children suffering health problems from sick buildings are being home-schooled with the help of technology, and the tale of a drunk police officer who had to be escorted from a music festival by five guards and four policeman -- and went onto to receive a promotion.

Tuesday's papers: Teenage phone debts, lex Lindström criticism, and an X-Factor scandal

On Tuesday the newspapers cover Finnish telcos' lax lending practices, a proposal to get older unemployed people pensions, and a talent show controversy.

Identity theft on the rise

Identity theft became a criminal offense in Finland in September 2015. Since that time, over 2,000 suspected cases have been reported to the police, with 300 incidents submitted in June of this year alone. The police are concerned over what they perceive as the high number of cases.

Police make arrests after mass brawl outside reception centre

The south-western town of Forssa has seen a violent few days after a group of locals attacked residents of the town's reception centre. Police detained several people on Wednesday in relation to the brawl and other recent violent incidents in the town.

Citizens’ initiative demands right to study without losing unemployment benefit

Shop stewards at Microsoft and Nokia have launched a citizens’ initiative demanding that those who lose their job are automatically permitted to study without losing their higher, income-linked unemployment benefit. At present permission to study can only be granted by officials at the Employment office.

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