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Authorities to crack down on TV and radio gambling ads

TV and radio stations run the risk of losing their broadcast permits if they break the rules, Finnish officials say.

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Survey: Majority of Finns feel effects of fake news

The majority of people in Finland think that online fake news reports affect people's opinions about current events. Sixty-seven percent of respondents to a new media survey said they think fake news affects Finns' perceptions on issues 'a lot' or to an 'extreme' degree.

Finland Beat Russia on Penalties in Hockey Worlds

Finland beat Russia in their final qualifying round match at the World Ice Hockey Championships on Monday. The Russians raced into a 2-0 lead through goals from Nikolai Kulemin and Ilja Nikulin.

Radio Remains Popular in Finland

Every week, 4.6 million Finns tune in to the radio — the vast majority of the total population of nearly 5.4 million. This is according to the results of the national radio survey carried out by the Finnpanel TV and radio consumption monitoring company.

Charity Collection Exceeds Expectations

A joint Christmas charitable collection has raised over 650,000 euros this year for the needy. The organisers say this is in excess of expectations.

Digital Broadcast Cuts in Southern Finland

Helsinki and some outlying areas can expect cuts in digital TV and radio service on Tuesday due to maintenance work in Espoo.

Digital TV Set-top Box in 61% of Homes

Six out of ten Finnish homes have acquired a digital TV set-top box.

Parties Draft Familiar Names for 2007 Elections

Finland's political parties are already finalizing their candidate lists for next spring's general elections. As usual, there are quite a few candidates who have made their names outside of politics, or from association with well-known politicians.

Marketing Challenge for Athletics World Championships

A reportedly record sum has been spent on the marketing of the the World Championships in Athletics at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium August 6-14. Even though the marketing budget, by Finnish standards, has been exceptional around 4000 tickets for each day of the games are still unsold.

Alma Media Shareholders Consider Buyout Offer

Alma Media, the Finnish media conglomerate, has convened a shareholders' meeting to decide on a buyout offer. Two Swedish companies, Bonnier and Proventus, made a bid for the company's entire broadcast division.

Alma Media to Sell TV Unit to Bonnier and Proventus

Alma Media, the Finnish media conglomerate, has proposed selling off its entire broadcast division to a company jointly owned by Bonnier and Proventus.