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Friday series 1

Tickets: from 30 / 25 / 20 / 18 (pens.) / 8 €

Sopraano Sandrine Piau
Sopraano Sandrine Piau Picture by: Sandrine Expilly / Naïve sandrine piau

During his second visit to London in 1795, Haydn came across the libretto of an oratorio once laid aside by Handel and based on the Bible and Milton’s Paradise Lost. The Creation was a tremendous international success in his day already and Haydn himself regarded it as his greatest work. All creation bursts into flower in his music, from rippling brooks to a thunderstorm and from chirruping birds to roaring lions and all that dwell on earth.

Hannu Lintu, conductor
Sandrine Piau, soprano
Topi Lehtipuu, tenor
Nathan Berg, baritone
Helsinki Music Centre Choir, coach Christopher Bell and Tapani Länsiö

Haydn: The Creation