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Thursday series 7 / ARMIDA ABBANDONATA

Tickets: from 30 / 25 / 20 / 18 (pens.) / 8 €

Interval at about 20.00. The concert ends at about 21.20.

Paul Agnew
Paul Agnew Paul Agnew Picture by: Dennis Rouvre paul agnew

The pair of lovers in the epic Gerusalemme liberata by Torquato Tasso – the Christian soldier Rinaldo and the pagan enchantress Armida – have inspired both painters and opera composers. And it is not difficult to guess that things do not turn out well for poor Armida: she is left, abandoned, in her enchanted garden while her beloved goes off to join the Crusades again. The French Queen Marie Antoinette met an even sorrier fate, but she did get a symphony named after her – La Reine (The Queen), one of the symphonies Haydn composed for Paris.

Text: Lotta Emanuelsson

Paul Agnew, conductor and tenor
Katherine Watson, soprano

Lully: Armide
Graun: Armida
Händel: Rinaldo
Haydn: Symphony No. 85 ”La Reine”
Haydn: Armida (Dramma eroico in tre atti)