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30.9. Friday series 2


Interval at about 20.15. The concert ends at about 21.40.

Syksyn lehtiä
Syksyn lehtiä Picture by: Pentti Palmu syksyn lehtiä
Haydn’s oratorio The Seasons is bursting with an enthusiasm, imagination and humour that raise the mundane to a spiritual plane. Caught up in the annual round are Neal Davies as the farmer, Helena Juntunen as his daughter and Topi Lehtipuu as the young countryman.

Hannu Lintu, conductor
Helena Juntunen, soprano
Topi Lehtipuu, tenor
Neal Davies, baritone
Helsinki Music Centre Choir, coach Tapani Länsiö

Joseph Haydn: The Seasons

Fri Sept 30, 2016 at 7 pm (UTC+3)
Helsinki Music Centre, Concert Hall
Live webcast at 6.50 pm (UTC+3)