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6.12. Finland 100 & FRSO 90

Tickets: € 20-53,50

The interval at about 15.50 pm. The concert ends at about 18.00 pm.

Suomi Finland 100 logotyp
Suomi Finland 100 logotyp Picture by: Statsrådets kansli Suomi 100,Suomi,Logo

We celebrate Finland 100 and FRSO 90 with some new works by Lindberg and Wennäkoski. The words of the Wennäkoski songs for male choir and orchestra are in Finnish, Swedish and Sámi. The orchestral work by Lindberg recalls the abrasive sound world of Kraft and Kinetics, while Sibelius’s Kullervo bears an age-old grudge.

Hannu Lintu, conductor
Niina Keitel, mezzo-soprano
Tuomas Pursio, baritone
Polytech Choir, coach. Saara Aittakumpu
Eesti Rahvusmeeskoor

Lotta Wennäkoski: Uniin asti, fp (Yle and Polytech Choir commission)
Magnus Lindberg: Tempus fugit, fp (Yle commission)
Jean Sibelius: Kullervo

Watch and listen at Yle Areena.