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30.10. FRSO-festival Magnus Lindberg - Roots

Fabio BIondi, conductor
Caitlin Hulcup, mezzo-soprano (Orfeo)
Helena Juntunen, soprano (Euridice)
Tuuli Lindeberg, soprano (Amor)
Helsinki Chamber Choir, coach Nils Schweckendiek

Christoph Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice

laulaja Caitlin Hulcup
laulaja Caitlin Hulcup Picture by: Tim South Caitlin Hulcup

FRSO Festival ends with a seldom-heard opera by Gluck

Magnus Lindberg may well compose an opera. He even has plans for one: “I know what I don’t want. I just need to know what I do.” We therefore thought it was a brilliant idea to end the festival bearing his name with a Late Baroque opera, Orfeo ed Euridice. Seldom performed, this opera by 18th-century Gluck is a veritable gem that, in its day, revolutionised early opera and turned it into a harmonious, dynamic drama.

Details of the event

Tickets: 15-46 €
Season tickets for the whole season 2019/2020 and autumn season 2019 will be on sale from 29 April to 3 August 2019 at Ticketmaster. Single tickets for the autumn season will be on sale from 14 August 2019.