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Sakari Oramo & Anu Komsi

Tickets: 9-36 €

sopraano Anu Komsi
sopraano Anu Komsi Picture by: copyright Maarit Kytöharju Anu Komsi

Anu Komsi and Sakari Oramo hark back to the 1920s

Merikanto’s expressionist Fantasia is a powerful piece for orchestra, one of the best of its day in Finland. Ekho, to words by V.A. Koskenniemi, is also a beautifully-coloured work that Merikanto wanted to sound “lively, story-like, like a woman in love full of unrequited longing”. Richard Strauss was one of the composers who influenced the Late-Romantic idiom of Rued Langgaard. The title Det himmelrivende (The Heaven-Rending) springs from his worldview – a mixture of Protestantism, Catholicism, theosophy and mysticism. Richard Strauss’s swansongs round off the evening.

Sakari Oramo, conductor
Anu Komsi, soprano

Aarre Merikanto: Fantasy
Aarre Merikanto: Ekho
Rued Langgaard: Symphony No. 6
Richard Strauss: Vier Letzte Lieder Trv 296

Interval at about 19:35. The concert ends at about 20:55.