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Johannes Gustavsson & Javier Perianes

Tickets: 9-36 €

The FRSO premieres a new orchestral work by Lauri Kilpiö

Lauri Kilpiö is familiar with big forms. Over the past few years, his output has included a piano concerto, a chamber opera, and now a new piece for orchestra as an Yle commission. Brahms’s second piano concerto is the work of a mature master, gigantic both in its musical material and its moods. “A tiny little concerto,” Brahms is said to have quipped. Javier Perianes has just the nimble brilliance yet meek serenity required of the soloist in this concerto.

Johannes Gustavsson, conductor
Javier Perianes, piano

Richard Strauss: Don Juan
Lauri Kilpiö: Keskeytyvä juhla (An Interrupted Feast), fp (Yle commission)
Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2 B Flat Major Op. 83

Interval at about 19:40. The concert ends at about 21.