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We welcome Conrad Tao

Watch and listen LIVE at Yle Areena.

Grawemeyer Award-winning composer Andrew Norman built his piano concerto Suspend on two motifs that were significant to Johannes Brahms. Through them, he meditates on loneliness and freedom, spontaneity and control, indulgence and restraint. The piece ends with a coda in which pianist and orchestra engage in uncoordinated, semi-improvised playing.

Due to COVID-19 measures audiences will not be permitted to attend concerts by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Helsinki Music Centre between November 27 and January 31. The concert will be shown on Yle Areena.

Sakari Oramo, conductor
Conrad Tao, piano

Andrew Norman: "Suspend" a fantasy for piano and orchestra
Béla Bartók: Divertimento for String Orchestra