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Music tells of nature

kaloja ja muovia meressä
kaloja ja muovia meressä Picture by: Naja Bertold Jensen Unsplash Radion sinfoniaorkesteri
Man has alternately worshipped, feared, ravaged, protected and tried to tame nature. Its mystery and beauty have also inspired composers throughout history, but how have they sought to capture these? In this concert of nature-themed music we try to answer this question, at the same time reflecting on the complex relationship between man and nature.
Addressing the topic (in Finnish) will be pianist Jukka Nykänen and meteorologist Annina Valtonen. Age recommendation 13+. Duration 75 minutes.

Kaapo Ijas, conductor
Jukka Nykänen, presenter
Visiting expert, meteorologist Annina Valtonen

Ludwig van Beethoven: Movements from Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”
Brett Dean: Pastoral Symphony

The concert is hosted in Finnish.

Tickets: 10-12,50 €