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Mark Wigglesworth & István Várdai

Watch and listen LIVE at Yle Areena

Interval at about 19.50. The concert will end at about 21.00.

The premiere of the symphony by Ralph Vaughan-Williams in London in 1943 brought comfort in war-time. It is dedicated “Without permission and with the sincerest flattery to Jean Sibelius”. Helen Grime is a Scottish composer born in 1981. Pierre Boulez discovered her Virga and wanted to conduct it in Paris, and it has since found its way into the repertoire of orchestras far and wide.

Mark Wigglesworth, conductor
István Várdai, cello

Helen Grime: Virga
Dmitri Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No. 2 Op. 126
Ralph Vaughan-Williams: Symphony No. 5 D Major

Tickets: 9-37 €