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Anja Bihlmaier & Senja Rummukainen & Otto Antikainen

Watch and listen LIVE at Yle Areena

viulisti Otto Antikainen ja sellisti Senja Rummukainen
viulisti Otto Antikainen ja sellisti Senja Rummukainen Otto Antikainen,Senja Rummukainen,Radion sinfoniaorkesteri,Anja Bihlmaier
Concertos for several soloists were popular in the Baroque and even the Classical era, but virtually died out thereafter. Brahms himself regarded his double concerto as a “prank” and an “idiocy”.
Richard Strauss’s s tone poem Don Juan takes a more charitable look at the character than is usually the case. Bernd Alois Zimmermann, in his “black ballet” Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu, takes the idea of a collage based on quotations to extremes, being made up of nothing else.

Anja Bihlmaier, conductor
Otto Antikainen, violin
Senja Rummukainen, cello

Johannes Brahms: Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra A Minor Op. 102
Richard Strauss: Don Juan Op. 20
Bernd Alois Zimmermann: Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu

Late-Night Chamber Music:
Amy Beach: Pastorale for Wind Quintet Op. 151
Samuel Barber: Summer music Op. 31
Kaisa Kortelainen, flute
Francisco Almazan, clarinet
Fàtima Boix Cantó, clarinet
Jussi Särkkä, bassoon
József Hárs, horn

Tickets: 10-40 €

Interval at about 7.40 pm. The concert ends at about 8.50 pm. The Late-Night Chamber Music ends at about 9.20 pm.