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  • Union action closes most Nordea offices in Finland

    13.06.2014 Yle News

    An employee walkout protesting plans for hundreds of staff dismissals has closed many of the Finnish offices of Nordea Bank.

  • Yle economists’ survey: "Finland not in recession"

    06.06.2014 Yle News

    An Yle straw poll of 18 economists finds a wide consensus that Finland is not experiencing a recession – at least not yet. Respondents told Yle that one sign of recession is an extended economic downturn. They also point out that unemployment is still to bottom out at the levels typical of a recession.

  • Nordea: Finland risks ‘protracted recession’

    04.06.2014 Yle News

    The banking concern Nordea’s latest economic outlook paints a bleak picture of Finland’s prospects. While the other Nordic countries are emerging from recession, Finland faces continued negative growth as the stuttering Russian economy slows cross-border trade.

  • Interruption in Nordea bank services scheduled for Sunday

    11.05.2014 Yle News

    The break in Nordea’s bank services will affect the company’s online banking services and bank card authentication and ATM transactions with Nordea cards.

  • Analysts: Outlook downgrade could affect interest rates

    11.04.2014 Yle News

    Two analysts interviewed by Yle said the downgrade of Finland’s economic outlook from stable to negative could affect interest rates faced by the country in financial markets. However neither saw the assessment as very damaging at this stage, rather taking it as a warning.

  • Banking tycoon Wahlroos quits Finland

    09.04.2014 Yle News

    One of the country’s richest men, the outspoken banker Björn Wahlroos, has changed his country of residence to Sweden, reportedly because of the more lenient tax regime. Finland’s finance minister dubbed the decision ’regrettable’ and called for the wealthy to pitch in with their taxes along with everyone else.

  • Pikkuasiatkin voivat keikuttaa lainaneuvottelua

    06.03.2014 Kuningaskuluttaja
  • Wednesday’s papers: Links to Israeli settlement spread, hope for weight watchers, and brewers’ self-regulation

    05.02.2014 Yle News

    Wednesday’s whirlwind tour of selected dailies serves up a menu of Finnish links to Israeli expansion in disputed territories, new research offering hope to individuals engaged in the sometimes-discouraging battle of the bulge, and how the brewery industry has resorted to self-censorship in an effort to fend off stricter advertising legislation.

  • Economists: ECB rate cut to lower cost of Finnish mortgages

    07.11.2013 Yle News

    Nordea and OP Pohjola’s chief economists believe that mortgage interest rates will fall slightly following the European Central Bank’s decision to cut its own lending rate.

  • Bayer among top corporate taxpayers in Finland

    02.11.2013 Yle News

    Last year's biggest corporate taxpayer in Finland was banking group Nordea. Coming in second was German pharmaceutical company Bayer, with much of its revenue coming from a Finnish contraceptive.

  • Nordea suffers online banking glitch

    22.09.2013 Yle News

    Nordea’s planned maintenance break for its online banking service lasted longer than expected on Sunday. The break in service should have been over by 1pm, but were not finally fixed until 8pm.

  • Bank services disrupted on Sunday

    22.09.2013 Yle News

    Banks such as Nordea, OP-Pohjola and Handelsbanken are carrying out maintenance work on Sunday morning, which will cause some disruptions to electronic bank services.

  • Bank network shrinking in Finland

    15.07.2013 Yle News

    The number of bank employees in Finland is declining as bank branches continue to close their doors. Over the past 18 months more than 2,000 bank employees have lost their jobs.

  • Flash-to-pay cards may become new norm for small transactions

    27.04.2013 Yle News

    2013 is set to usher in a mini-revolution in the manner in which consumers make minor point of sale payments. Contactless payment systems that allow payments to be made by merely flashing a credit or debit card or other device over a reader are likely to be operational in many Finnish retail outlets, possibly as early as this spring.

  • EU banking supervision plan welcomed

    13.12.2012 Yle News

    Two or three banks operating in Finland will be affected by the EU's landmark deal on banking supervision. The plan was backed by MPs on Thursday.

  • Tax refunds doled out

    05.12.2012 Yle News

    More than three million people are getting a windfall on Wednesday—their tax refund.

  • Nordea sees reduced growth next year

    04.12.2012 Yle News

    The Nordic banking group has slightly downgraded its growth forecast for next year to 1.0 percent from an earlier estimate of 1.2 percent. However, both the Finnish and global economies will take an upward turn next year, forecasts the bank. In 2014, Nordea predicts economic growth of 2.7 percent.

  • Tax refund season is here

    22.11.2012 Yle News

    Some two weeks from now taxpayers who overpaid will be refunded.

  • Haminan venesatamakiista käräjille

    19.11.2012 Yle Uutiset

    Venesatamayhtiö Hamina West Harbour riitautui venesataman pyörittäjäksi suunnitellun operaattorin kanssa rakennustöiden viivästyttyä. Venesatamayhtiö ja operaattori hakevat satojen tuhansien eurojen korvauksia toisiltaan.

  • Nainen Wahlroosin takana

    06.11.2012 MOT

    Björn Wahlroos on Suomen talouselämän tärkein vallankäyttäjä. Hän toimii hallituksen puheenjohtajana ruotsalais-suomalaisessa suurpankissa Nordeassa, vakuutusyhtiö Sammossa ja metsäjätti UPM:ssä.