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  • Nainen Wahlroosin takana: käsikirjoitus

    06.11.2012 MOT

    "The best way to help the poor is not to be one of them." (Paras tapa auttaa köyhiä on se ettei itse ole köyhä.) Lue ohjelman käsikirjoitus haastatteluineen ja toimittajan juontoineen.

  • Nalle Wahlroos sanoo jos jossain on parantamisen varaa

    10.10.2012 Elävä arkisto

    Björn Wahlroos kirjoitti kirjan, jossa hän esitti mielipiteitään ja näkemyksiään siitä miten asioiden pitäisi yhteiskunnassa olla. Nalleksikin kutsutulla miehellä on tapana kohauttaa sanomisillaan. Hänellä on kuitenkin tapana sanoa, jos jossain on parantamisen varaa.

  • Lay-off talks yet to pressure mortgage holders

    08.10.2012 Yle News

    The glut of lay-off talks in Finland at the moment has not yet shown through in banks' mortgage repayment suspensions. However, mortgage-holders' approaches to the financial ombudsman have risen.

  • Experts divided on speed of economic recovery

    04.09.2012 Yle News

    Economists at Nordea Bank say that Finland’s economy has already fallen into recession and that signs of recovery won’t appear before 2014. On the other hand the Labour Institute for Economic Research says Finland can expect growth as early as next year as the eurozone crisis recedes.

  • Helsinki bank bandit remanded

    24.08.2012 Yle News

    Helsinki District Court on Friday imprisoned a bank robber who stole a small amount of cash this week from a Nordea branch office in Helsinki’s Töölö neighbourhood.

  • Yle survey: Home loan margins to rise

    20.08.2012 Yle News

    A fresh Yle survey shows that pressure is building for banks to increase the interest margins they charge on new home loans. In contrast, the base benchmark euribor rates may fall later this year.

  • Decline in teller services challenges internet-shy bank customers

    30.07.2012 Yle News

    Most Finns pay their bills online. As online banking has proliferated, teller services have declined, leaving customers without internet connections looking for alternative payment options.

  • Summer vacation kills marriage

    18.07.2012 Yle News

    Official figures show divorce filings peak at the end of the summer holiday season.

  • "Difficult days ahead for the euro"

    22.06.2012 Yle News

    A senior politician and leading Finnish economic experts say difficult days still lie ahead for the euro zone.

  • Finance minister has tough words for Greece

    15.05.2012 Yle News

    The EU will not re-negotiate anything with Athens no matter what happens, says Jutta Urpilainen.

  • Strong Q1 results for Nordea Group

    24.04.2012 Yle News

    Nordea posted positive first quarter results, saying it had attracted new customers and made gains with its mobile app.

  • Finnish bank accounts breached

    20.01.2012 Yle News

    Online malware attacks on major Finnish banks in recent weeks have originated in Russia, says Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer at the data security company F-Secure. Nordea, OP-Pohjola and Sampo Bank have been hit by a trojan that has caused financial losses to hundreds of customers.

  • Home buyers brace for rate hike

    15.12.2011 Yle News

    Borrowers in Finland will face steeper mortgage costs next year, according to Finland’s major financial institutions. Eurozone financial turmoil is driving up the margins banks charge on home loans.

  • Some Nordea customers get double tax refund

    02.12.2011 Yle News

    Some Nordea Bank customers received a surprise on Friday morning as some tax refunds were erroneously been paid into their accounts twice. The bank corrected the mistake around 11am.

  • Moody’s puts Finnish banks under review

    29.11.2011 Yle News

    Credit ratings agency Moody's has announced plans to evaluate the risk exposure of Finnish banks Nordea, OP Pohjola and Sampo.

  • Capital region dwellers feel mortgage bite

    17.11.2011 Yle News

    Finns still manage their mortgages quite well, according to a study by Nordea bank. However variation between different cities is quite large, and those with mortgages for expensive flats in Helsinki are the most burdened.

  • Staff walkout closes Nordea offices Friday

    11.11.2011 Yle News

    Employees of the Nordea financial services group are carrying out a work stoppage on Friday to protest the bank's plans to implement a lock-out later this month. All Nordea offices are affected.

  • Nordea Bank trims 450 jobs

    02.11.2011 Yle News

    Nordea on Wednesday said it had concluded consultative talks aimed at reducing its workforce in Finland. Four hundred fifty jobs are set to disappear from Finnish branches of the Nordic region's biggest banking group, according to Nordea spokesperson Kati Tommiska.

  • Profits down for Nordea

    19.10.2011 Yle News

    Third quarter profits shrunk in the Nordic region's biggest banking group, Nordea, compared to the same period last year. The bank says it is sticking to plans to reduce its workforce by 2,000 employees in four countries.

  • Autumn gloom in Finnish labour market

    29.09.2011 Yle News

    Autumn blues have struck hard on the Finnish labour market, with Thursday’s news of fresh job losses adding fuel to the fire. Nokia tops the list with the highest number of redundancies in this season of employment gloom.