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  • Delays in Nordea bank payments

    13.09.2011 Yle News

    Payments, including salaries and pensions, were late in arriving at Nordea customers’ accounts on Tuesday. The bank said this was due to a technical fault.

  • Fresh phishing attempt on Nordea bank customers

    10.09.2011 Yle News

    Finnish customers of the Nordea banking group have again been subject to a phishing attempt. The fraudsters attempted to steal personal user codes by means of false web pages masquerading as a genuine Nordea operated site.

  • Nordea employee walkout closes banks

    02.09.2011 Yle News

    Nordea’s offices around the country closed on Friday after bank employees walked off the job at noon nationwide. The job action is in protest of workforce reduction plans announced earlier this week.

  • Nordea Bank warns of e-mail scam

    01.09.2011 Yle News

    Nordea Bank has issued a warning about scam e-mails that appear to be from the bank. The potentially nefarious e-mail subject lines read, "Security" or "Secure Message Center."

  • Union boss slams Nordea, cancels seminar

    29.08.2011 Yle News

    The chair of the white collar trade union confederation STTK, Mikko Mäenpää, has expressed his outrage at Nordea’s plans to reduce its workforce. The confederation has cancelled an economic seminar planned for Tuesday, which was jointly arranged with Nordea.

  • Nordea Bank may slash 650 jobs

    29.08.2011 Yle News

    The Nordic region's biggest banking group, Nordea, is launching consultative talks aimed at shrinking its workforce by 2,000 in four countries. It plans to dismiss 500-650 people each in Finland, Denmark and Sweden, along with 200-300 in Norway.

  • OP-Pohjola alert over fake online banking messages

    12.08.2011 Yle News

    Customers of OP-Pohjola Group bank have been receiving fake enquiries requesting online bank details.

  • Fake e-mails sent to Nordea clients

    05.08.2011 Yle News

    Customers of the Nordic banking group have been warned to beware of new phishing e-mails. The messages are written in poor Finnish and labeled simply “Viestintä” (message).

  • Survey: Finns' summer budgets down on last year

    06.06.2011 Yle News

    A new survey has found that Finns’ summer budgets have reduced in size slightly from last summer. According to research conducted by Nordea bank in May, the average expenditure during summer holidays this year will be 1,470 euros, 80 euros less than last year.

  • Analysts Unsure of Nokia's Future

    01.06.2011 Yle News

    Nokia shares continued to fall on the Helsinki Stock Market Wednesday. By closing time, however, the mobile phone giant’s shares had nearly recovered the 8 percent they lost during the day.

  • Nordea: Bank Tax Will Cost Customers

    12.05.2011 Yle News

    The head of research at Nordea bank, Roger Wessman, says that the proposed bank tax that is part of the deal on support for the Portugal aid package could be paid for by bank customers.

  • Police Investigate Internet Banking Fraud

    10.05.2011 Yle News

    The National Bureau of Investigation suspects 17 people took part in an internet banking fraud aimed at Nordea account holders at the beginning of this year. The perpetrators tried to steal almost 1.2 million euros via a series of over one hundred false transactions. Almost 178,000 euros is still missing.

  • Finns Spend Two Billion on Gifts Each Year

    13.04.2011 Yle News

    Finnish consumers give around two billion euros-worth of gifts each year, according to research conducted by the Nordea bank. The sum does not include Christmas gifts. Most of the total is made up of graduation and wedding gifts.

  • Sampo Raises Stake in Nordea

    04.02.2011 Yle News

    Insurance company Sampo, which is owned by the Danish company Danske Bank, has raised its stake in banking company Nordea to 21.3 percent. Sampo bought 30 million Nordea shares on Friday in an auction organised by the Swedish government.

  • Tax Refunds Land in Accounts Friday

    03.12.2010 Yle News

    Tax refunds are showing up in the bank accounts of some 3.4 million taxpayers on Friday. Refunds, which average 642 euros, are expected to fuel Christmas sales.

  • Kriisimaiden velkapaperit polttelevat suursijoittajien käsissä

    01.12.2010 Yle Uutiset

    Talouskriisin syventyminen on ajamassa suursijoittajia arvopapereiden pakkomyynteihin. Muun muassa vakuutus- ja eläkeyhtiöt ovat luopumassa kriisimaiden velkapapereista, koska niiden riskit ovat liian suuria. Sijoittajien karkaaminen kriisimaista syventää entisestään talouskurimusta Euroopassa.

  • Credit Still Appeals to Finns

    31.10.2010 Yle News

    Finnish households are taking on more debt this year than ever before. Unlike in many other countries, the economic crisis did not dampen Finns' tendency to take on debt. However, there are some surprising reasons why people are borrowing more.

  • Stronger Euro Gives Travellers a Break

    11.10.2010 Yle News

    The euro is riding high again, which is good news for many Finns travelling abroad during the autumn holiday—and the upward trend is expected to continue.

  • Cautious Consumers Contract Shorter Home Loans

    26.09.2010 Yle News

    Amortisation periods for new home loans have fallen of late. Two years ago home loans were commonly contracted for 25 years, but today the average is for 20 years. Consumers have become more cautious, and the size of home loans has also decreased.

  • Nordea torppaa Forssan syytökset korkomarginaalista

    22.09.2010 Yle Uutiset

    Nordea Pankki Suomi Oyj katsoo oikeudekseen nostaa kuntalainojensa korkomarginaaleja neuvottelematta asiakkaan kanssa. Korkomarginaalit ovat hiertäneet muun muassa Forssassa. Kaupunki aikoo nostaa Nordeaa vastaan oikeusjutun.