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  • Significant Differences in Credit Card Costs

    18.04.2008 Yle News
  • Bucking Trends, Finnish Banks Post Record Profits

    07.04.2008 Yle News
  • Sampo kasvattaisi omistustaan Nordeasta

    17.12.2007 Yle Uutiset

    Sampo Oyj hakee Ruotsin rahoitustarkastukselta Finansinspektionilta lupaa ylittää kymmenen prosentin omistusosuus Nordeassa.

  • Red Cross Launches Hunger Campaign

    20.09.2007 Yle News
  • Ministry Revises Growth Figure; Warns of Inflation

    20.06.2007 Yle News

    The Finnish Finance Ministry has increased significantly its forecast for this year's economic growth. However, it says inflationary dangers are on the horizon.

  • Security Problems Confront Chip Card Users

    21.03.2007 Yle News

    Users of chip cards issued by banks can face security problems. Other customers may easily be able to view its PIN code when typed into a retailer's card reader.

  • Nordea Bank Wins Contract for State Financial Transactions

    08.03.2007 Yle News

    Nordea Bank has won in the bidding for a contract to handle financial transactions of the Finnish state. For the coming four years, the banking concern will handle all of the state's outgoing payments, and most of its incoming money.

  • Millions Forgotten in Old Bank Accounts

    01.01.2007 Yle News

    Millions of euros lie forgotten in customers bank accounts, reports the daily Keskisuomalainen. The Nordea bank group says over five million euros remain untouched in accounts. An increase in the popularity of internet bank statements might be to blame.

  • System Failure Hits Nordea Bank Cards

    07.10.2006 Yle News

    Nordea bank cards were blacked out for three hours on Saturday morning. A system failure prevented Nordea bank card holders from withdrawing cash or making payments.

  • Nordea Bank Cards and Machines Unusable Sunday

    07.09.2006 Yle News

    Nordea warns that its bank machines, bank cards, and Internet banking services will shut down for several hours on Sunday morning.

  • Nordea: Economic Growth Slowdown

    04.09.2006 Yle News

    Nordea Bank predicts Finland’s economic growth, in line with the global economy, will lose momentum next year.

  • Internet Scams, Viruses Becoming More Common

    30.01.2006 Yle News

    A report by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority reveals that human beings are the weakest link in the technology chain. With a dose of common sense and a little prevention, most malicious attacks can be prevented.

  • Con Artists Send More Fraud E-Mails to Nordea Customers

    26.12.2005 Yle News

    For the fourth time this year, Internet con artists have sent out fake e-mails to customers of Nordea Bank. The messages, written in poor Finnish and without Scandinavian letters, ask customers to send their account numbers and online passwords via e-mail.

  • Fake Nordea E-Mail Asks for Secret Information

    14.12.2005 Yle News

    Users of Nordea's online banking services have again received fraudulent emails requesting account information and pin numbers.

  • Internet Scam Strikes Nordea Customers Again

    09.12.2005 Yle News

    Nordea is warning customers of fraudulent emails written in its name. The hoax is an attempt to elicit customer internet banking codes.

  • Retretti Art Centre Closing

    02.12.2005 Yle News

    The Retretti Art Centre in Punkaharju, located in eastern Finland, is ceasing its operations. The centre, which is being liquidated, laid off its employees on Friday.

  • OP Bank Customers Targeted by Fraudsters

    11.11.2005 Yle News

    Finland?s OP Bank has warned its internet banking customers not to respond to an e-mail message sent in an apparent attempt to gain access to private bank accounts.

  • Nordea Bank Customers Warned of Fraudulent E-mail Message

    29.10.2005 Yle News

    The Finnish Communications Regulatory authority estimates that tens of thousands of customers of Nordea Bank have received a fraudulent e-mail message. The English-language message urges customers to respond to the mail, providing their Internet banking user codes and passwords.

  • Finnish Aid Agencies Appeal for Help for Quake victims

    10.10.2005 Yle News

    A number of Finnish aid agencies are appealing for donations to help the victims of Saturday?s massive earthquake in South Asia. The death toll in the disaster is believed to be in the tens of thousands. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has not received word of any Finnish victims.

  • Breaks in Bank Services on Sunday Morning

    14.05.2005 Yle News

    Cash dispensers will be off-line on Sunday morning for about five hours owing to essential maintenance work. Account holders and card users will be unable to use the Otto network of A T M's.