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  • Yhtiökökous hyväksyi Suomen Nordean muuttamisen sivuliikkeeksi

    17.03.2016 Yle Uutiset

    Pankkikonserni Nordea allekirjoitti helmikuun alussa suunnitelmat muuttaa emoyhtiön tytärpankit sivuliikkeiksi. Juridista rakennetta uudistamalla pankki pyrkii yksinkertaistamaan hallintoansa ja selkeyttämään rakennettansa.

  • Nordea forecasts continued slow growth

    16.03.2016 Yle News

    Banking group Nordea released its Economic Outlook on Wednesday, forecasting continued slow growth worldwide. The bank sees poor growth and additional cuts in public spending on the agenda for Finland.

  • Fitch drops Finland's rating to AA+

    12.03.2016 Yle News

    Of the top three credit rating businesses only Moody's is still retaining Finland's triple-A rating. Fitch says that Finland's prospects are stable, but that slow reforms are the reason for the one-notch drop.

  • Nordean liikevoitto kasvoi viime vuoden aikana

    27.01.2016 Yle Uutiset

    Nordea julkaisi keskiviikkona viimeisen vuosineljänneksen osavuosikatsauksen haastavaksi kuvaillulta vuodelta 2015.

  • Nordea: Some banking services freeze up

    04.01.2016 Yle News

    One of Finland's biggest banks, Nordea, closed some of its branches on Monday due to a computer glitch. Around 5pm it said the problem had been fixed but that there might still be lingering problems for some users.

  • Survey: Christmas to cost 514 euros this year

    01.12.2015 Yle News

    A survey from banking group Nordea says that Finns plan to spend just over 500 euros on Christmas this year. The figure seems to have stabilized after two years of steep falls.

  • Miten tallelokeron vuosimaksu voi nousta 200 prosenttia?

    05.11.2015 Kuningaskuluttaja

    Nordean asiakas on maksanut palvelusta 40 euroa vuodessa.

    Nordea korottaa avainasiakkaidensa tallelokeron vuosimaksua. Vuoden 2016 alusta hinta nousee 200 prosenttia 40 eurosta 120 euroon.

  • "Pillaging Vikings" - Nordea Bank and Danske Bank accused of fraud in Spain

    07.10.2015 Yle News

    Dozens of pensioners living on Spain's Costa del Sol claim to have fallen victim to fraudulent practices by Nordea Bank and Danske Bank. Some residents there have begun referring to these two Nordic financial institutions as "pillaging Vikings".

  • Monday's papers: Neighbours react to PM's offer, bank queries customers' politics, Helsinki's threats mostly man-made

    07.09.2015 Yle News

    A look through Monday’s papers revealed how neighbours reacted to Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s offer to house asylum seekers at his home in northern Finland. A Russian man was asked by Nordea bank about his political affiliation and learned it's perfectly legal. UK insurance giant Lloyd’s listed the top threats it believes the Finnish capital city faces.

  • Surprise new data: Economy grew ever so slightly in 2nd quarter

    04.09.2015 Yle News

    The Finnish economy defied all expectations and grew in the second quarter – albeit marginally. Fresh numbers released by the state data crunchers at Statistics Finland show that economic output rose by 0.2 percent between April and June compared to the previous quarter.

  • Banks paint gloomy forecasts; economy in fourth year of recession

    03.09.2015 Yle News

    Finnish banks have downgraded their forecasts for the Finnish economy. Handelsbanken’s latest reading dubs the outlook as miserable, while Nordea described the economy as "paralysed". The institutions now estimate that Finland is in its fourth consecutive year of recession.

  • Nordean uusi konsernijohtaja: Yhteiskuntasopimuksen kaatuminen iskee elintasoon

    21.08.2015 Yle Uutiset

    Yhteiskuntasopimuksen kaatuminen johtaa suomalaisen elintason laskuun, sanoo Nordean konsernijohtajaksi vasta valittu Casper von Koskull. Hänen mukaansa sopimus olisi ollut vähimmäisvaatimus talouskehityksen kääntämiseksi paremmalle uralle.

  • Konsernijohtaja Clausen jättää Nordean

    11.08.2015 Yle Uutiset

    Christian Clausen jatkaa Nordeassa neuvonantajana ensi vuoden loppuun asti.

  • Yle economist poll: Growth will be zero at best

    10.08.2015 Yle News

    The nation was hoping for economic turnaround this year. Instead, 2015 threatens to become Finland's fourth consecutive year of recession. Only the most optimistic of economists surveyed in an Yle poll predicted even a pause in the decline. Many experts said they believed that cutting labor costs is essential but still insufficient to alleviate the financial gloom.

  • Economists warn new gov't of over-ambitious employment goals

    29.05.2015 Yle News

    The new administration’s goal of creating tens of thousands of new jobs every year seems like a pipe dream, according to economists. They say that the government’s aim would require phenomenal economic growth and pointed out that the last time Finland saw that kind of job expansion was back in the heady days of Nokia’s dizzying growth spurt.

  • Nordea bank services down Sunday

    23.05.2015 Yle News

    Nordea Bank advises its customers to make sure they have some cash on hand on Sunday, as most of their banking services will be shut down for servicing from 4 am to 6 pm. The service interruption will apply to all web, mobile and ATM transactions.

  • Kilpisjärvi school repeatedly tried to deposit cash that burned in school fire

    05.05.2015 Yle News

    Nordea Bank has come forward to help fund a field trip for students of Kilpisjärvi school, which was razed by a fire last Sunday. Despite the best efforts of school officials, they were unable to deposit cash raised from the students' fundraising efforts in a bank, so the money which was stored on the premises, went up in smoke with the school.

  • Nollakorot vievät rahastosäästäjäksi

    05.05.2015 Puoli seitsemän

    Talletuskansa lähtee tuotonhakuun, kunhan se on vaivatonta.

    Helpot ratkaisut ovat tie suomalaisen säästäjän kukkaroon. Rahastoteollisuudessa sekä markkinajohtaja Nordea että tuorein haastaja S-Pankki myyvät yhdistelmärahastoja kuin leipää. Ja kansa ostaa, kun riskitön tuotto on kuihtunut nollaan.

  • Nordea online banking still not working right

    09.04.2015 Yle News

    Problems in Nordea Bank's online system continue as of midday Thursday. The main issue is that some customers are unable to view account transactions and balances - or the wrong information is shown. The bank is asking customers who've noticed aberrations in their account balances to refrain making purchases, if possible, until problems are fixed.

  • Nordea net banking problems persist

    08.04.2015 Yle News

    Problems with Nordea's online banking system appear to be continuing as of late Wednesday morning. The malfunction was first reported on Tuesday evening.