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  • Internal audit reveals possible faulty procurement process at HUS hospital network

    08.06.2019 Yle News

    Helsinki University Hospital HUS may have spent tens of millions of euros on goods and services that hadn't been properly tendered first.

  • Sisäinen ja ulkoinen valvonta

    23.04.2019 Ylen vuosi 2018

    Sisäinen ja ulkoinen valvonta Ylessä 2018.

    Tutustu Ylen sisäiseen ja ulkoiseen valvontaan vuonna 2018.

  • Costly city homes, crumbling country houses – Finland's top 5 housing problems

    09.10.2018 Yle News

    Parliament’s audit committee concluded that housing policy has been inconsistent while the state has taken a back seat and public costs have been skyrocketing.

  • Audit Office finds oversight shortcomings in Finland's €4.1bn business subsidy system

    03.10.2017 Yle News

    Finnish government spending on subsidies for business increased in 2016, but the number of recipients fell, according to a new report from the State Audit Office. The report also uncovered deficiencies in oversight of the spending.

  • Sisäinen ja ulkoinen valvonta 2017

    19.04.2017 Yleisradio

    Tietoa Ylen valvontamekanismeista.

    Tutustu Ylen sisäisen ja ulkoisen valvonnan mekanismeihin.

  • Education boss approved 300k euro grant to his own university

    23.11.2016 Yle News

    An Yle investigation found that auditors found discrepancies and breaches of official rules by senior officials at 43 of Finland's 60 government agencies. The Head of the National Board of Education granted some 300,000 euros to a higher education institution while serving on its board, while the head of the Environment Institute approved two new posts for a university where she was a board member.

  • Tax man finds problems at 60 percent of audited taxi firms

    15.11.2016 Yle News

    The most typical forms of taxi tax fraud found in an in-depth investigation are not registering parts of one's income and spending company money on personal expenditure. The Tax Administration says that some errors may be due to ignorance.

  • Defence Forces face the music over entertainment budget

    15.09.2016 Yle News

    Hospitality and entertainment budgets face a squeeze at the Defence Forces after an internal audit found excessive spending on wining and dining. Three units at the ministry were criticised by auditors, who among other line items uncovered a trip to the Santa Claus village in Lapland and a bill for a 13,000 euro night out.

  • President Niinistö officially recalls Finnish Ambassador from Sweden

    25.08.2016 Yle News

    Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has permanently recalled Finnish Ambassador Jarmo Viinanen from his post as the country’s representative in Sweden. Viinanen is suspected of sexual harassment of staff and guests at the Stockholm embassy. A new ambassador is expected to be named this week.

  • Foreign Ministry to scrutinise embassies' tax-free purchases

    20.08.2016 Yle News

    The Finnish Foreign Ministry says it will be keeping a hawk's eye on tax-free purchases by embassy staffers. It also wants heads of missions to ensure that personnel abide by local authorities' regulations governing tax-free purchases.

  • Safety audit flags shortcomings by Fennovoima nuclear power firm

    16.08.2016 Yle News

    An audit by radiation and nuclear safety watchdog STUK has highlighted possible deficiencies by the Fennovoima power company as it prepares to build a nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki, western Finland. Yle obtained a copy of the STUK audit, in which workers complained of poor management, workplace discrimination, and a tendency to downplay safety issues. Fennovoima has denied the allegations.

  • Tabloid: Finnish ambassador to Sweden suspected of sexual harassment

    13.07.2016 Yle News

    Foreign Ministry officials have launched an internal investigation into suspected sexual harassment at its Sweden embassy, reports the tabloid daily Iltalehti. The paper writes that ambassador Jarmo Viinanen is at the centre of sexual harassment allegations involving embassy staff and guests.

  • Auditors' report slams Transport Minister for "inappropriate interference" in state-owned Finavia

    21.06.2016 Yle News

    Transport and Communications Minister Anne Berner has rejected the findings of state auditors, who determined that the ministry interfered in the actions of state-owned airports operator Finavia. In a report released Tuesday, the National Audit Office accused the ministry of "inappropriate interference" in the company's efforts to bring legal action against former managers for risky investments that eventually resulted in losses of 34 million euros.

  • Police suspect former Finavia management in risky loss-making investments

    27.05.2016 Yle News

    Four former Finavia management officials are the main suspects in a police probe into a series of risky derivatives investments which racked up losses of 34 million euros for the state-owned company. Police have wrapped up a preliminary investigation into the dicey deals by the airports operator and have referred the case to prosecutors for consideration of charges.

  • MPs invite financial sector reps to discuss tax havens

    08.04.2016 Yle News

    Parliament’s Audit Committee decided Thursday to look into the question of international tax avoidance and the use of tax havens. The Committee has invited representatives of financial institutions operating in Finland to a parliamentary hearing.

  • Audit: Third of retail stores underpaying foreign-background staff

    10.03.2016 Yle News

    An audit by worker rights protection officials discovered that nearly one-third of retail shops mainly staffed with workers of foreign background were underpaying their employees. The audit found that some workers were often unaware of minimum wage levels, work shift rights and health care benefits they were entitled to.

  • Record profits and travellers for Finavia

    19.02.2016 Yle News

    Finavia’s CEO Kari Savolainen says that Finavia, formerly the Civil Aviation Authority, is in better financial form than ever before. The agency was recently in the news regarding an out-of-court settlement over risky derivatives investments that lost Finavia 34 million euros.

  • Online whistleblower service sees record tax fraud reports

    23.03.2015 Yle News

    Finnish tax officials have received a record number of tax evasion tip-offs since launching an online whistleblower service at the end of January. The tax administration says that nearly 80 percent of fraud reports now come in online.

  • Online service for tax fraud whistle blowers

    27.01.2015 Yle News

    Individuals looking to strike a blow against tax fraud can now easily do so online. Finnish tax authorities have launched a new service with a simple form to allow whistle blowers to anonymously log cases of suspected shady tax dealings.

  • State auditors shred govt's economic performance

    17.12.2014 Yle News

    The National Audit Office VTV has taken the government to task for its management of the economy. The state auditors say that decision makers have been flat-footed in reacting to slower than anticipated economic growth – and they predict that the next government will also be saddled with an extensive programme of spending cuts.