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Content from Yle's year 2019

Main content

  1. In 2019 Yle reaced 96 percent of Finnish people every week.
  2. There were four channels on television and 18 900 hours of programmes.
  3. There were six channels on radio and 47 500 hours of programmes.
  4. We made programmes in 12 different languages.
  5. Our services online are the most used in Finland.
  6. There were 16 400 hours of recorded programmes in Yle Areena online service.
  7. There were 2,3 million starts in Yle Areena every day.
  8. There were 1 055 million visits on Yle’s online and mobile services.
  9. There were 1 450 000 Yle IDs.
  10. We published 956 hours of archive content, 90 hours of content in sign language, 33 hours of content with audio description and 20 hours of news in plain Finnish.
  11. There were 2 847 Yle employees.
  12. We were present in 25 locations.
  13. We have 18 Finnish language and 8 Swedish language offices as well as one Sami-language office.
  14. We had 7 correspondent and and 10 assistants.
  15. Yle tax was 0-163 euros.

Our value to audiences

Providing reliable information and content in one’s native language are among the Yle’s tasks our audiences consider particularly important.

Highlights of the year

We pay attention to our different audiences in making of Yle's content and services and meet them at various events.

Working culture and competence development

We continued our determined measures to develop the working culture and focused on the competence development of our employees.

Financial figures

The financial performance remained stable. We used 79 procent of the income of Yle tax to create content and services for our audiences.