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Content from Yle's year 2021

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Yle 2021

Shared by all, personalised for everyone

  • We reach 94% of Finns every week
  • There are four TV channels on three channel slots, a total of 18,874 hours of programme
  • There are six channels on the radio and 88,278 hours of programme
  • Contents in thirteen languages
  • 320 hours of contents in sign language
  • 142 hours of audio description
  • 16 hours of news in plain Finnish
  • Between EUR 0 and EUR 163 of Yle tax was collected per person

The most popular online services in Finland

  • Yle Areena is launched more than 3 million times every day
  • reaches 1.9 million Finns every week
  • Online and mobile services accounted for more than 1.4 billion visits during the year
  • There were 1,700,000 Yle IDs

Yle is Finland’s most trusted media

We are present in 25 municipalities. We have 18 Finnish-speaking, 8 Swedish-speaking and 1 Sámi-speaking team, seven correspondents, 13 assistants and 2,942 Yle employees that are experts in their own field

Promoter of the creative field

  • EUR 37.4 million for performance fees and copyright payments
  • We funded 24 full-length and 14 short Finnish films
  • We employed 4,750 freelancers directly