YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 3 (PT)


1. There is nothing good
TV these days.
2. I have a
friends, but only a few very good ones.
3. You came yesterday,
(eikö totta)?4. It
(olisi) better if you called me first.
(Missä Bob asuu) live now?
6. Sarah said she would have
(tapeeksi rahaa) to buy the tickets.
7. I grew up in a family with
(kaksitoista) children.
8. They have
(miljoonia) books for sale in this bookshop. It's the best I've ever been in.
9. Tee sanasta vastakohta:
happy -
10. Täydennä sana.
juoma - juominen
drink - drink
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