YKItreenit, englanti: Rakenne ja sanasto 41 (YT)

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1. The architecture of ___ 19th century is really something.
2. In ___ south of France apples are blossoming already.
3. Elizabeth II, ___ Queen of England, visited Finland in the 1970s.
4. Nobody knows if the constitution proposal _____ accepted in all EU countries.
5. If the state ___ the case Mr. Bean will be liable to pay the whole fine.
6. Twentysomethings ___ following fashion rules.
7. Seldom did he smile, ____ did he laugh.
8. Alex, the Daily Telegraph comic strip about a devious corporate
financier ___ into a West End play.
9. The worrying effects of high oil prices on the economy ___ also ___ in the meeting tomorrow.
10. Use this kind of oil cold — nothing ___ for the flavour of extra-virgin oil like heat.
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