Englannin abitreenit: Adverbit

Fill in the words in their correct forms with the help of the Finnish words in brackets.

What you should do is go
(alakertaan) and see if your precious slippers are there.

(turvallisesti) and remember, not too

Our next-door neighbour seems to be such a
(yksinäinen) woman, but she always smiles

We should take his threat
(vakavasti). He is a tough customer.

- I saw Janet yesterday. She's a
(täysin muuttunut) woman after her divorce.

- You are
(täysin oikeassa). I scarcely recognized her in the pub.

All the boats in the America's Cup are
(äärettömän hyvin varustettuja), and
(ilmeisesti) they cost a fortune.

Our economy has improved
(jyrkästi) after many years of dismal recession.

Mexicans cross the border to the U.S.
(laittomasti), which is a big headache for the border control.

This model is even
(huonommin suunniteltu) than the one I bought last year.

My in-laws are an awful couple. I
(tuskin koskaan) visit them.

We studied the brochures
(perusteellisesti) before we chose our holiday destination.
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