YKItreenit, englanti: Turistikohde-esittely (PT)

Kuuntele katkelma turistikohde-esittelystä yhden kerran tauotettuna. Täydennä aukot kuulemasi perusteella englanniksi.

Althorp is a wonderful sixteenth century house
Sir John Spencer. It has since become famous for being the childhood home and last resting place of Lady Diana the Princess of Wales.

Often called the 'People's Princess', Diana devoted much of her time to the public,
. After her separation and divorce from Prince Charles, Diana's causes, such as the worldwide banning of landmines, were even more important to her.

When Diana
on 31 August 1997 many people throughout the world felt that
. Diana will be remembered for her style and elegance,
, and as a beautiful, warm and passionate lady.
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