YKItreenit, englanti: Keskustelu 1 (PT)

Kuuntele keskustelu kahteen kertaan. Valitse toisen kuuntelukerran jälkeen kysymykseen parhaiten sopiva vaihtoehto.

1. Missä keskustelu käydään?
Woman: May I help you?
Man: Yes, I'd like to try on these shoes but they seem a bit small. Do you have a size 9?
Woman: Let me see... If there are none here on the rack, I'm afraid we might be out of them.
Man: Do you think you might have something in the stock room?
Woman: I'll go and have a look in a while, but since this model is on sale, I doubt that.
Man: Would you please? I really like the model and it's a reasonable price, so I'd be very grateful if you had a look.
Woman: I'll be back in just a sec.
2. Mitä nainen arvelee?
3. Miksi mies ei halua antaa periksi?
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